10 Must Have Apps for Moms (and 5 Guilty Pleasures)

iphone, iphone apps, best iphone appsWhen I was a child, I used to love visiting other families and pouring over their bookshelves. I was always so intrigued by which titles they had and which authors were their favorites.

And in a way, seeing what apps other people have on their phones is a bit like that.

I’m always curious to see which apps other people use most and which ones they couldn’t live without.

So, I’m showing you my ten favorite apps that I use as a mom and five of my favorite guilty pleasure apps.

I’d LOVE to hear your favorites in the comments. If you could only have one or two apps, which would they be?

  • Camera+ 1 of 14
    I use my Camera+ app every day. I love all of the editing options, filter choices, and the way it can take a no-so-great photo and make it fabulous. ($0.99)
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  • Cozi 2 of 14
    Our family is completely dependent on Cozi. My husband and I each enter our appointments into the calendar and then we can sync up and access our schedules from all of our devices. I have Cozi set up to text me before my can't-miss appointments. The interface is super clean and easy to use. (free)
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  • Wunderlist 3 of 14
    I just downloaded Wunderlist for task management last week and I already can't live without it. The best part is it syncs up across multiple devices, so whether I'm on my phone, Macbook Pro, or iPad, I can access my lists. (free)
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  • 4 of 14
    My comes in super handy now that my daughter is constantly asking me what a word means. (free)
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  • FBI Child ID 5 of 14
    FBI Child ID
    Though none of us like the idea of every using something like the FBI Child ID app, it's a convenient place to electronically store photos and vital information about your kids so that it's easily accessible should you ever need it. (free)
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  • Real Simple: No Time to Cook? 6 of 14
    Real Simple: No Time to Cook?
    Have no idea what to make for dinner? Real Simple Recipes: No Time to Cook? is perfect for you. I love that the recipes are simple, quick, and require just a few ingredients. ($4.99)
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  • Momento 7 of 14
    Momento is one of the coolest apps for Moms. I love that I can easily add details about my day and also browse through moments in the past. I have mine linked up with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, so it pulls my status updates, photos, and tweets in by date. This is truly the easiest and most powerful journal app I've found. ($2.99)
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  • Mom Maps 8 of 14
    Mom Maps
    Mom Maps helps you find parks and playgrounds and kid-friendly restaurants, museums, and indoor play areas while you're out and about. ($2.99)
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  • Sit or Squat 9 of 14
    Sit or Squat
    How many times have you out and about and had your child need to go to the bathroom RIGHT NOW!? With Sit or Squat, you can quickly find the closest—and cleanest—public restroom. (free)
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  • Pocket First Aid and CPR 10 of 14
    Pocket First Aid and CPR
    With 34 videos and 46 high-resolution illustrations, the Pocket First Aid and CPR app from the American Heart Association will help you handle most emergency situations while you wait for help to arrive. This is another app that you hope you never need, but you'll be glad you have it in an emergency. ($3.99)
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  • Pinterest 11 of 14
    If you haven't checked out the Pinterest app yet, run, don't walk to the app store. You can blame me for the hours that you'll lose pinning everything from recipes to shoes to craft projects. (free)
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  • Twitter 12 of 14
    I spend so much time on Twitter that I actually answer to @ITSMoments. This is one of my biggest guilty pleasures. (free)
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  • Facebook 13 of 14
    Yep, this one needs no explanation.
  • Words With Friends 14 of 14
    Words With Friends
    Words With Friends. I love this Scrabble-like game because you only need a few free minutes here and there to play. (free)
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