10 Outrageous Playhouses for Kids

For reasons far too boring to go into here, we recently had a big tree cut down in our backyard. My 5 year old son assessed the newly open space and immediately suggested that we fill it with a playhouse. Not a bad idea, right? I always longed for a wooden outdoor playhouse when I was a kid. Our neighbors across the street had an awesome one and we were allowed to go play over there whenever we wanted, as their kids were in high school and had no use for it but still. It wasn’t the same as having my own miniature house in my backyard. Something with window boxes, perhaps. For tea parties. Or sleepovers.

Anyway, I decided to check into playhouse and see what they cost. I was prepared to commit a few hundred bucks to this project since I want something that will last long enough for both kids to get years of enjoyment out of it. No toddler-scaled plastic structures or cheap cardboard – something sturdy that my husband or I could squeeze into in the event that were invited in. I typed “wooden playhouses” into Google and WHOA! Talk about a retail education. Yeah, you can get a nice looking wood playhouse from Costco for $300. You can also get a 50 foot wooden fort from a custom builder for $115,000. No, that price isn’t a typo. Yes, that’s more than my bachelors degree cost.

If you want to see 10 of the most outrageous playhouses I’ve ever seen, click on through!


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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