10 People Probably Having a Worse Day With Kids Than You

10 People Probably Having a Worse Day With Kids Than YouI had one of those days.

You know what I am talking about? I am sure we all have them as parents — the day where the kids all act like they are from another planet, everything seems to go away from the intended plans and nothing is working out right.

It’s pretty much a guarantee to have a day (or a handful) like that every so often when kids are in the picture. Raising them is hard and well, they aren’t always the best listeners and rule-followers.

I don’t like to be entertained by others misery, but sometimes it’s oddly comforting to know we’re not the only ones dealing with crap in our day. I don’t usually like the term “there is someone who has it worse than you”, but when it comes to parenting and our kids crazy behaviour — a little perspective can sometimes do us good.

Today I had a child who came down with a fever, work that was over-flowing, home chores that were impossible to get done and a kid who only wanted to play with his toys and not do anything else. It was a hard day… but I know there are others who had an equally struggling day with the kids in their lives.

Click through to read from 10 people who were probably having a worse day with the kids than you did:

  • Send Help 1 of 10
    Send Help
    The kids have gone mad and she's out of wine?! Say it ain't so!
    Tweet from Maya
  • Not Mine 2 of 10
    Not Mine
    We've all been that parent who has a kid misbehaving and we're red from embarrassment.
    Tweet from SableSushi
  • My Favorite 3 of 10
    My Favorite
    I lost my wedding rings thanks to my kids -- wonder if her child is to blame for this?
    Tweet from Chelsea Thompson
  • Thanks, Universe. 4 of 10
    Thanks, Universe.
    It always seems to happen this way, doesn't it?
    Tweet from Jessica H Sherwood
  • Whoops 5 of 10
    It was a good day... until...
    Tweet from Suzanne
  • Ruining a Day 6 of 10
    Ruining a Day
    Kids and hangover do not mix.
    Tweet from Madie
  • Not My Kids, but My Life 7 of 10
    Not My Kids, but My Life
    Could be a hard one to explain.
    Tweet from Stef
  • Kids Will Do That 8 of 10
    Kids Will Do That
    .. and you can't get rid of the headache with the kids around...
    Tweet from Taylatayla
  • Ouch 9 of 10
    Has happened to the best of us!
    Tweet from Ashley
  • Okay, It’s Over 10 of 10
    Okay, It's Over
    There really is a limit to the cute/noise factor!
    Tweet from u mad?

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