10 Pets My Family Will Never Own


We are a dog family. My husband and I both grew up with them and we are both allergic to cats. The decision of what kind of pet we would have was easily reached.

Anders loves our border collie, but occasionally, after spending an afternoon pouring over an animal book or conversing with a friend at school whose family pet is less traditional, he questions why we don’t own something more exotic.

While at some point I may be convinced to take on a goldfish or two, I’m pretty resolute in my list of animals we will never own.

Here are 10 creatures we won’t be welcoming home:

  • Ants 1 of 10
    Any creature that requires its own farm is a no in my book. Sorry, kids.
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  • Exotic Bird 2 of 10
    Exotic Bird
    I already have two creatures I am inadvertently teaching curse words. Having a bird squawk back my foul language too? No thank you.
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  • Baby Chick 3 of 10
    Baby Chick
    Sure they look cute, but they grow into chickens hell bent on pecking your eyes out while you sleep. At least, that's what I tell my kid when he begs for one each Easter. Don't judge.
  • Iguana 4 of 10
    My son's reason for wanting an iguana and my reason for declaring we will never own one is the same. They can detach their tails. Forcing my kid to part with his collection of saved iguana tales? Not on my life list.
    Photo credit: Flickr.
  • Monkey 5 of 10
    We have a strict "no pets that require diaper changing" policy in our home.
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  • Pig 6 of 10
    I like my pot-bellies where they belong -- on babies and my husband.
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  • Rat 7 of 10
    Does this one even need explanation?
    Photo credit: Flickr.
  • Boa Constrictor 8 of 10
    Boa Constrictor
    If the kids develop an urge to be squeezed to death I'll take them to visit their great aunt Martha. At least she won't swallow them whole afterwards, but she does smell like mothballs.
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  • Turtle 9 of 10
    This creature just isn't cuddly enough to risk salmonella.
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  • Tarantula 10 of 10
    Female tarantulas can live up to 20 years. Also, they have eight hairy legs and I hear they never shave.
    Photo credit: Flickr.


What pet would you never consider buying for your kids?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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