10 Places to Hide the Christmas Gifts from Your Kids

10 Places to Hide the Christmas Gifts from Your KidsChristmas is just a few weeks away. Can you believe it? I have barely started any shopping for my kids and I know the next few weeks I will be planning and coming up with how to sneak out of the house to pick up their wish list.

When I was a kid, I would make it my mission every December to hunt out any Christmas gifts that were bought already. I am not someone who loves surprises so the hunt was even better than not knowing what was under the tree. I have come across countless gifts over the years and have even been known to chew on receipts so they could not be taken back to the store after I discovered them.

With my kids now at an age where they will start doing the same, I have had to put on my thinking-cap and come up with some places to hide the gifts that my kids won’t find. If they are anything like me, they will likely figure it out, but as a pro-gift-finder, I have some good hiding places.

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  • At a Friend’s House 1 of 10
    At a Friend's House
    As a friend or family member if you can stash your kids gifts at their house. If your kids are relentless searchers, this would have them looking forever.
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  • In the Kitchen Cupboard Above the Fridge 2 of 10
    In the Kitchen Cupboard Above the Fridge
    Kids can't reach it and they would never think to look up there. I don't even know what I've got in that cupboard right now.
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  • Under Your Kids Bed 3 of 10
    Under Your Kids Bed
    Right under their noses, they would never think to look there. My mom hid our Easter baskets there one year.
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  • Under Your Bed 4 of 10
    Under Your Bed
    Kids are never interested in what's going on under your bed. There's lots of room and it's out of the way.
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  • Under the Stairs in the Basement 5 of 10
    Under the Stairs in the Basement
    This is where we keep our Christmas gifts pre-wrapping. There is a lot of space under there and it's scary enough the kids have no interest in looking.
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  • Zipped in Luggage 6 of 10
    Zipped in Luggage
    No child would ever think to look there. You can keep it in plain sight in the closet and the would never know.
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  • In Your Bedroom Closet 7 of 10
    In Your Bedroom Closet
    Often a room that's out of limits, my kids have rarely ever randomly opened our closet.
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  • The Trunk of the Car 8 of 10
    The Trunk of the Car
    Kids don't have access to the car typically on their own so, unless you're really not looking they won't just come across them.
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  • At Work 9 of 10
    At Work
    They can search the house all they want they won't ever find them if they're happily stashed at work in your office. Check mate, kids!
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  • In a Box Labeled ‘Halloween Decorations’ 10 of 10
    In a Box Labeled 'Halloween Decorations'
    If your house is really big into Halloween, surely the kids will know you've got to store the decor somewhere. Label the box and they won't ever look.
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