10 Products Perfect For Your Son’s Car-Themed Bedroom

My son has just moved into his own room. For the past few years, he had been sharing a room with his sisters — it was where he preferred to be and it worked well for a long time.

He’s getting older now and at 7-years old he was showing signs that he was ready and wanted his own space. We had a few nights of transition where he would test out if he liked the room and being without his sisters during the night. My kids are very close and I wasn’t sure how he would feel about being “on his own”. To my delight, he loved it — he’s still loving it and with that, we’re looking to actually make my old office his new bedroom and a place for his own.

I’ve been looking at ideas for his room in order to to make it a space he loves. He is and always has been, a big fan of cars and vehicles and so I’ve been searching for fun products to decorate his room in this theme.

  • Car Theme Bedroom 1 of 13
    Car Theme Bedroom
    It's fun for a boy (or a girl!) and a theme that will stay with them for a few years.
  • Classic Cars 2 of 13
    Classic Cars
    The bright colored squares with the white outline of the vintage, classic cars are just too awesome to pass up.
    Want one too? Get it from EmcDesignLab/Etsy, $53.24
  • Wall Plate 3 of 13
    Wall Plate
    You don't want to leave any place forgotten and this wall plate is understated, and so fun.
    Want one too? Get it from ModernSwitch/Etsy, $12
  • Vintage Bus Decal 4 of 13
    Vintage Bus Decal
    I love the retro look and this van certainly fits that profile. It's black and white so it will fit over any wall color.
    Want one too? Get it from Vinyl Lettering/Etsy, $24.99
  • Transportation Wall Art 5 of 13
    Transportation Wall Art
    I love pictures that can add to the theme, yet not overwhelm. These are the perfect way to incorporate and easy to change later on.
    Want one too? Get it from Prints321/Etsy, $20
  • Vintage Car Mat 6 of 13
    Vintage Car Mat
    My son has always been a big fan of these car mats and this one is big, vintage and fun.
    Want one too? Get it from ThingsYoullLoveNLife/Etsy, $45
  • Throw Pillows 7 of 13
    Throw Pillows
    No one really ever has enough pillows and this one is just too perfect not to have.
    Want one too? Get it from FestiveHomeDecor/Etsy, $18
  • Car Nightlight 8 of 13
    Car Nightlight
    If your son doesn't like the pitch dark, this is a nice way to give a little light that's not too bright.
    Want one too? Get it from 3ButtonsN2Bows/Etsy, $15
  • Drawer Knobs 9 of 13
    Drawer Knobs
    If you have a dresser you already love in your son's room, don't change it out, just change it up with these vehicle themed knobs.
    Want one too? Get it from Lily Beth Creations/Etsy, $20.50
  • BMW Clock 10 of 13
    BMW Clock
    This is just so inventive and a perfect way to incorporate the car theme into even the clock. Made from a hubcap, it's a unique addition to the room.
    Want one too? Get it from GreenWisdom/Etsy, $49.99
  • Car Decal 11 of 13
    Car Decal
    This car is big, but not too big and would make a great focal wall.
    Want one too? Get it from WallStickersExtra/Etsy, $31.54
  • Full Bedding 12 of 13
    Full Bedding
    I like this one because it doesn't look too young, yet works perfectly into the theme.
    Want one too? Get it from MyveraLinen/Etsy, $125
  • Race Car Decal 13 of 13
    Race Car Decal
    How cool is this? It looks like the real deal and can be added to any wall color.
    Want one too? Get it from JanetteDesign/Etsy, $70

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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