10 Reasons I Can’t Stand Cold + Flu Season As a Parent

10 Reasons I Can't Stand Cold + Flu SeasonThere are a lot of areas of my life that have been bettered thanks to being a mom now. I get to experience everything over again like I had when I was a child, I get to know this unconditional love thing and it’s basically the best thing in the world.

There are some parts of life thought that are made just a little bit more difficult now that I am a mom. Losing weight seems to be harder, finding time alone, going out with friends and keeping a clean house are all a little more complicated now that I have children to look after and nurture.

One other area of life that seems to hit more difficult is the cold and flu season. Pre-kids I rarely got sick with the flu — maybe once ever few years, but now it’s so much more frequent. The frequency amped up when my kids started to go to school and now get exposed to everything and then some — which means, we catch it a lot more often.

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  • It’s Harder On Everyone Now 1 of 10
    It's Harder On Everyone Now
    Before having kids all I had to worry about was getting myself through the random cold and flu. Now, I have to take care of three others on top of it.
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  • Pink Eye Goes Around 2 of 10
    Pink Eye Goes Around
    I had never had pink eye in my life until a year ago when someone in Speed's class at school had it. I don't understand why parents send their kids to school with it, that stuff spreads like CRAZY and it's gross!
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  • You Have to Sanitize Eveyrthing 3 of 10
    You Have to Sanitize Eveyrthing
    I am not a fan of antibacterial anything, but when we're all sick with a cold or flu, I feel the need to clean things more. To make sure we don't keep passing it from person to person. There is so much more to clean with kids -- they touch everything.
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  • Wonder if You Can Send Your Kid to School 4 of 10
    Wonder if You Can Send Your Kid to School
    I never know when to send kids to school when their sick. I tend to go on the careful side and keep them home, I don't want to be responsible for getting everyone in the class sick, it happens to us though.
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  • Debates Over Flu Shot 5 of 10
    Debates Over Flu Shot
    We don't get the flu shot and I never have. I never had anyone question why not until I had kids. Now people debate this all the time and wonder why we pass.
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  • Need for Endless Tissues 6 of 10
    Need for Endless Tissues
    With 5 runny noses in the house, we should buy stock in tissues. Also, wiping kids noses is so gross, I'd be happy to go without that.
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  • Never Ending Cough 7 of 10
    Never Ending Cough
    With the cold and flu comes a cough that never seems to want to end. It's hard, dry and can be the most unhappy 'friend'.
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  • Kids Are Home From School 8 of 10
    Kids Are Home From School
    It makes it harder to entertain the kids when they're sick and when we get sick,we do it well so they're off school for a few days at least.
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  • Doctor or Wait It Out? 9 of 10
    Doctor or Wait It Out?
    With the lingering symptoms of the cough I never really know when I should call the doctor. I tend to try to let it all run the course, but that wonder is always there.
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  • Sleep is Impossible 10 of 10
    Sleep is Impossible
    Trying to get sleep with a cold or flu is hard enough but add kids who also can't sleep and it feels like you're back in that newborn stage... but with 3 newborn kids at once.
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