10 Reasons Why I Ran Away From Home

Friday afternoon I snuck away for a minute to use the bathroom. This pregnant body frequently does that. I had my trusty notebook sitting on my lap, a pen ferociously scribbling thoughts and a few rare seconds to myself. And that’s of course when all my little chickens went searching for mother hen. I sat there silently hoping they would search the entire house before finding me, buying me just a few more seconds of solace. Their senses are good however, and in no time, they were standing in the doorway gawking at me and asking me all kinds of ridiculous questions.  Meanwhile, valuable inspiration, that only floods my brain once in a blue moon, was slipping away.  I finally commanded them to leave and allow their poor mother some privacy. They giggled and walked away. I sighed, looked at the clock and felt so relieved that in just a few short hours, I would be running away.

My escape plan was all set.  It had been set for a month. It was time for my husband to finally collect on his Christmas gift from me. Instead of more stuff filling up the house, I gave him (okay, me too) a night away.  I lined up a nanny and a hotel and told him to pack his bags because we were skipping town.

Oh I am so good!

That was so inspired!

I had no idea at the time that I would need a break this badly. I was starving for some time away. And I’m pretty convinced that I am not alone in that aspect and that any mother who has small children needs to fly the coop once in awhile.

Here are the ten reasons why I ran away from home:

1. I am a pregnant mother of three whose kids are still on Christmas break from school. I could just say Amen, close the laptop and be done with this post. Really, need I say more? Sometimes the weight of the many hats we wear is just too much for our poor little necks and shoulders. Wouldn’t you agree? We need to hang up the hats once in a while.

2. I would like my iphone to be my iphone for just one day.

3. I need a nap besides the one where I ask my kids to tell me when the red light turns green so I can shut my eyes for .3 seconds in the car.

4. I obviously would like to go to the bathroom without spectators.

5. The idea of not cooking or cleaning for 2 days is way better than the most beautiful vase of flowers or slew of kind compliments, in my opinion.

7. Because I feel contrary to the old “Cheers” bar theme song.  My version goes like this: Sometimes I want to go where nobody knows my name.

8. My young children need a chance to miss me and appreciate me.

9. There exists such things as hotels, movie theaters, restaurants, malls and adult conversation and I should experience that part of life every once in a while.

10. Finally, I needed to get away to appreciate them and miss them.

That list could obviously go on forever.

While we were on our little hiatus, we sat through the movie, “We Bought a Zoo.”  I wept through the entire show. I mean, I wept and sobbed like the Niagara had been re-routed through my tear ducts. It was pathetic. I had the lip quiver going on and all. It was lovely, I’m sure, for those around me. I was desperately missing my mini suitcase purse full of wipes and kid essentials. My dumb little clutch didn’t have one Kleenex in it.

So, I was having my moment.  The one where I appreciated and missed my little ones.  I was a sobbing disaster because I love my family.  I love my kids and there’s not one thing on this earth that could replace any of them, as crazy as they make me.  And that’s why running away can be great sometimes. It’s hard to have that moment when you’re sitting on a toilet with an audience.

Thirty hours later, I went running back home. I was a better mother because I had given myself a break.

So, I’m curious, do you allow yourself to take breaks?  Where do you go and what do you do when you need to take a break or run away from home?


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