7 Reasons It's Awesome to Marry Your High School Sweetheart

I am feeling all kinds of lovey-dovey today. My husband and I are having a quiet weekend at home with our three kids, just enjoying each other and occasionally rolling our eyes at the noise of today.

I have been with my husband for 13 years this summer — that’s not a long time in the whole spectrum of life, but it’s almost half of my 30 years on this planet. We started dating in high school, he was a year older then I was and at 17 years-old, I was in love.

We’ve been together ever since — he’s my partner, my best friend, my biggest supporter and my high school sweetheart. In times where more and more people are getting married later, divorcing more, I am even more thankful I found my true love in high school.

Click through for my 7 reasons it’s awesome to marry your high school sweetheart:

  • No Awkward History 1 of 7
    No Awkward History
    No worries about finding an old photo of one of us kissing someone else. There will be no worries about going out and running into an ex.
    Photo credit: Devan McGuinness
  • Seen Each Other Through Bad Times 2 of 7
    Seen Each Other Through Bad Times
    Over the past 13 years we have been through good times and bad times -- in life and our relationship. We are really good at working it out.
    Photo credit: Devan McGuinness
  • Foundation For Friendship 3 of 7
    Foundation For Friendship
    We are more than just in a relationship, we've developed one of the longest friendships we each have.
    Photo credit: Devan McGuinness
  • Lots of Embarrassing Photos 4 of 7
    Lots of Embarrassing Photos
    Kids love this kind of stuff. We have YEARS and years of awkward, young photos of each other.
    Photo credit: Devan McGuinness
  • People Think It’s Adorable 5 of 7
    People Think It's Adorable
    When people find out we've been together since high school, people think it's so cute & that's always nice.
    Photo credit: Devan McGuinness
  • Lots Of Practice With Change 6 of 7
    Lots Of Practice With Change
    We grew up together and all the changes that came with it. High school to college, to finding a job, to getting married then having kids. We've learned how to work through the changes.
    Photo credit: Devan McGuinness
  • You Can Say Cliches 7 of 7
    You Can Say Cliches
    We get to say things like "Love at first sight", "one and only", and "first love"
    Photo credit: Devan McGuinness

:: What are your thoughts? Did you marry your high school sweetheart?::

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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