10 Reasons Why You Should Teach Your Sons To Pee Sitting Down

pee-sittingI pee sitting down. Always have. And I’m part of a growing group (currently around 1/3 of men) who choose to pee sitting down. Something funny happened on the way to toilet training my boys, though.

We had them all set to be like dad, then they saw some friends pee standing up, thought that was more fun and now, well. My wife and I draw straws to clean the bathroom. So the process of re-training the boys in the bathroom has begun.

Yes, we are re-training my boys to pee sitting down. No, I don’t think it makes them (or me) a sissy.

I’ve heard the argument that toilet seats are dirty, or some guys have problems “touching the porcelain.” When it comes to home, there’s going to be nothing wrong with our toilet seats, as for the other argument well, I wish I could sympathize (and so does my wife). If my boys stand to pee, however, those seats could have all sorts of nasties on them.

It’s curious, really. How did it start that men stand to pee while women sit? Is it because we can? Probably.

However, since men are lucky enough to have the choice to sit or stand, I vote “sit.” And here’s why:


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Never mind the Cheerios or other floating targets you toss in the bowl to get your boys to aim at. When you sit, everything is naturally pointing down, right at the target.


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I asked Zacharie why he likes sitting down better: “if you really really need to go poo after the pee, you don’t need to worry because you’re already sitting down.” Spoken like a champ.


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Little boys can’t really navigate the “peephole” in their underwear the same way Dads can. What you end up with is a boy standing at the urinal with his pants around his ankles flashing a full moon to the entire room.


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Never talk to a child who is peeing standing up. They will turn to look at you, and well, you’re drawing straws to clean the bathroom. You can, however, talk to a child who is peeing sitting down. They will look up at you, and their business will still end up in the bowl.


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Even if they do manage to pay attention, hit the target, and get everything done smoothly, you’re still dropping liquid into a bowl of liquid from height. That means splashes. Lots of splashes that end up outside the bowl, and you’re drawing straws to clean the bathroom.


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There’s a reason they call it “the throne.” It’s a comfortable thing to sit on, not stand next to. Besides, it’s easier to balance an iPad on your lap when you’re sitting down than having to worry about your hands when you’re standing.


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At home you can have steppy stools to help them reach the toilet. However, in public, chances are they’re not there and they will be too short for the urinals, maybe even too short to hit the toilets. It’s easier to help a kid balance on an adult toilet while they sit than trying to help them stand and aim.


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In Sweden, they’ve been debating a law to make bathrooms “genderless,” offering only toilets and encouraging men to sit. They cite studies that say peeing sitting down is easier on the bladder and prostate, and promotes better sexual health.


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In the name of gender peace, by having a son who leaves the seat down, I am helping him avoid a stereotypical battle of the sexes.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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