10 Signs You’re a Mindful Mom

mindfulI never paid much attention to “mindfulness” before having my son.

Maybe it’s because I was only 22 years old at the time, and I hadn’t really started to explore my adult identity in any meaningful way. Or maybe it’s because parenthood, for me, brought out an urgency to be a better person. To become more aware of my emotional states, mental habits, and general self-improvement. To become the well-adjusted role model that I hoped to be for my son.

And that introspective journey through self-help and self-love led to the idea of mindfulness — which is to live in the moment, with awareness of our thoughts and feelings, without judgment. It’s accepting the present moment, knowing that all we really have is what’s happening right now. I started meditating and practicing mindfulness techniques to manage my stress and put my life into perspective, and I found that I wasn’t alone in this.

In fact, the mindfulness movement has been sweeping through our mainstream Westernized culture, to the point where The Huffington Post has a Third Metric section on mindfulness, and pop-culture doctors are recommending meditation as a basic preventative health measure. It’s “cool” to do yoga and talk about kale smoothies. Even science is starting to back up the effects of positivity, intention, and meditation. There are countless studies that prove the physical and psychological benefits of mindfulness.

It’s especially prevalent in the “mom community,” with an entire niche devoted to mindful, zen-based parenting strategies. Maybe you haven’t thought much about whether you’re a “Mindful Mom” or not, but here are 10 signs that you might be:


1. You practice yoga, or meditation, or any other activity that brings presence into your life.

2. Your child has used the words “downward dog” and “sun salutation” in a sentence.

3. You worry about over-developing your child’s “Ego”.

4. You have breathing techniques and a personal mantra for the tough times.

5. Your biggest goal is to “live in the moment” with your kids.

6. You read blogs like The Hands Free Mama, The Conscious Perspective, and The Mindful Mom Network. You love connecting with other parents who practice mindfulness and peaceful parenting approaches.

7. You feel a synergy between mindfulness and parenting, as you became more mindful of your body during pregnancy and new mom-hood, and more mindful of your actions and emotions as you started to parent.

8. You wish all moms (all women, all people) could just stop judging one another. Peace sign! Love! We’re all in this together!

9. You search for purpose and meaning in your life, beyond happiness or success.

10. The song “Let It Go” has a way deep meaning to you.


And if you’re resisting the idea of being labeled a “Mindful Mom” because you’re all like, Labels lead to ego-driven identity attachments! And judgments of others who don’t “fit in” to the label! And don’t we have enough division between us?!, then you’re most definitely a Mindful Mom.

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