10 Simple Ways Kids Show They Love Us

I recently visited a friend and her brand new baby boy. Just holding him, sweet-smelling and snuggly swaddled, was enough to get me thinking about expanding our family. Sure my husband and I had agreed our family felt complete, but I had forgotten what a wonderfully peaceful feeling it was to cradle a sleeping newborn in my arms.

That’s when the baby woke up,  pooped, and began to wail. As I was handing him back to his mother she mentioned she hadn’t slept in days. Slowly the memories came back to me. For all their perks, babies are selfish creatures. You spend that first year at their beck and call, lavishing your affection upon them. Your payment? A coo or a smile (or was that gas?).

Baby babble is great and all, but I much prefer the everyday expressions of love from my big kids. Here are just a few simple ways our children show they love us:

  • They don’t want you to leave 1 of 10
    They don't want you to leave
    Whether you are going on a long business trip or just outside to mow the grass, if they wrap their arms around your legs and ask you not to go it's a sure sign they love having you around.
  • They leave things in your bed 2 of 10
    They leave things in your bed
    Ever crawl into bed at the end of a long day and find a surprise hidden in your sheets? Sippy cups, stuffed animals, or their favorite book -- take it as a token of your child's affection.
  • They invite you to play with them 3 of 10
    They invite you to play with them
    They could pick up a video game or watch television, but instead they are begging you to play make-believe with them. Drop everything and do it. They'll love you even more.
  • You show up in all their drawings 4 of 10
    You show up in all their drawings
    Recognize anyone in their works of art? If your crayon likeness is making a regular appearance it's a sure sign you are on their mind.
  • They bring you presents 5 of 10
    They bring you presents
    Rocks, dandelions, and finger paintings -- these are a child's gift of love.
  • They seek comfort in you 6 of 10
    They seek comfort in you
    Only you can kiss away the pain of a scraped knee or scare away the monsters under their bed. It's a simple sign that they need you.
  • They want you to see their talents 7 of 10
    They want you to see their talents
    Whether they are begging you to watch their long distance leap from the playground swings or reciting their alphabet, they want to impress you and make you proud.
  • They offer you a bite of their food 8 of 10
    They offer you a bite of their food
    Maybe soggy goldfish crackers and suspiciously wet fruit snacks crammed into your mouth against your will aren't your favorite food, but that bite of cookie they let you sneak...that's love.
  • They share their secrets with you 9 of 10
    They share their secrets with you
    From embarrassing moments to the name of the girl in class they think is pretty, a story just between the two of you is a sure sign of their trust in you. Who better to trust than those we love?
  • They tell you 10 of 10
    They tell you
    Kids are brutally honest. If they say they love you, chances are they mean it!


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