10 Spring Break Activities For You and the Kids

Next week, things are going to get crazy around here. I bet the crazy-week is coming up shortly for you too — when the kids are off school on spring break.

It’s really the last chance to have a chunk of time together as a family before the kids are off on summer break. While the weather may not be the warmest, there are a lot of fun activities you can do as a family to spend that important time together, learn new things, try out something you’ve always wanted to try, and keep the boredom down.

With just a little bit of planning, you don’t have to spend a lot of cash, and you can make this the most fun spring break to date. I am thankful my husband will be home that week as well so all 5 of us can have some fun “thank goodness winter is over” plans.

Check out these 10 spring break activities for you and the kids that won’t break the bank:

  • 10 Spring Break Activities for You and the Kids 1 of 11
    Don't let yourselves get overwhelmed or bored. Check out these affordable and fun spring break activities.
  • Have a “Just Because” Dance Party 2 of 11
    Everyone loves a random dance party and having one on spring break should be a must. Choose a music theme and dress up your outfit accordingly. The kids will have a great time and so will you.
  • Volunteer 3 of 11
    Teaching your kids about the benefits of helping others is a great way to spend some time on spring break. You can choose one or two places and go volunteer your time during the week.
  • Bake-Off Day 4 of 11
    I love any excuse to bake and when spring break hits next week, I think baking with the kids is a great way to spend it. If you're feeling adventurous, try something new each day of the week.
  • Break Out the Board Games 5 of 11
    My kids are huge into CandyLand, Jenga and Twister and I have a feeling we will be playing a few rounds of each next week. Board games are great way to spend time together with a bonus of your kids learning something.
  • Plan House Hop Play Dates 6 of 11
    Plan with a few friends to host a house hop play date for the week. Each day of the week, go over to someone else's house (each taking a turn hosting). This will keep you all entertained and won't make you all overwhelmed.
  • Visit the Library 7 of 11
    Many libraries will be holding special events during the spring break week in anticipation of the kids being around. They're usually free or have a very small fee. Going to the library just to pick out books is also fun for the whole family -- you may even meet a new friend or two when you're there.
  • Go Skiing One Last Time 8 of 11
    If you're a big skier, this may be the last chance to get on the slopes before the snow melts. Take advantage of the time and get out and enjoy the cool air.
  • Explore the Neighborhood 9 of 11
    Go for walks, try new trails, explore the buildings and museums nearby, you may be surprised with what you find and how much fun you have.
  • Get the Lawn Garden-Ready 10 of 11
    It's probably still too cold to do any planting, but you can spend some time getting the garden area ready. Weed, place new soil and plan what you're going to plant later in the spring.
  • Pick a Pinterest Craft and Try it Out 11 of 11
    Pinterest is so full of amazing activities and some of them are just perfect for new craft-beginners. Choose one or two as a family and try them out for yourself.

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