10 Supermom Strengths All Moms Have

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There’s this funny thing that happens the exact moment you become a mother: you become a heroine.

When you instinctively start caring for your young, with all the agility, strength, and bravery required to lead your family down the path of righteousness, you instantly transform into Supermom by virtue of who you are.

Now Supermom isn’t perfect. She can’t be. With humility serving as one of her greatest attributes, she’s astonishingly human, yet every bit as super and savvy as you’d expect.

Let’s take a look at 10 Supermom strengths all moms have!

1. Superhuman Hearing

Supermoms hear everything. Often ripped from the dead of sleep, you can find Mom jumping out of bed at the sound of every toss, turn, faint cough, and irregular breath. And it’s a good thing, too! I was able to catch and treat a frightening 104°F fever in the middle of the night thanks to a near silent moan. Once again, Supermom hearing saves the day (while continually being robbed of a good night’s sleep).

2. Eye-Spy-Ght

Supermoms see everything. Everything. Like Santa, she sees you when you’re sleeping and she knows when you’re awake. But unlike Santa, there’s no good list or bad list, just a very long memory. That time my kiddos peeked at their Christmas gifts? Yeah, I saw that in my mind’s eye. And the time they miraculously produced a five dollar bill the very moment the ice cream truck drove by? Yep, I saw them “borrow” it from my wallet, too. Kiddos, eyespyght can see through to your very soul.

3. Multitasking Marvel

Supermoms have the ability to do it all and then some. Cook dinner, quiz spelling words, and fold a load of laundry all at once? No problem! Mom’s got the ability and the know-how to keep everyone on schedule and kick task booty. While there’s no denying the value and wonder of such an amazing talent, it’s been known to hinder the multitasking development of the rest of the family. Don’t worry about that, Mom’s got it! Mom can do it! Yes, Mom can do it, but she wants you to know that with a little practice, you can, too.

4. Sick Sense

Try as kids might to play the sick card to stay home from school, Supermom ain’t buying it. She can tell when one of her kids is sick just by looking into their eyes. And if she really wants to get technical about it, a cheek to the forehead always seems to do the trick. But listen up, kids, if you really want in on Supermom’s kryptonite, just know that her immense love for you might just earn you a special love day.

5. Dishonesty Detector

Moms are no fools. With a squinty side-eye, Supermom’s dishonesty detector lets her know when she’s being told the truth and when she isn’t. Good luck getting one past her because it’s not so much about evidence as it is about likelihood. Like the time my son didn’t bring home his homework because he got bumped in the head and therefore “forgot” that he was supposed to? Dishonesty detector bells were ringing all over the place!

6. Innate Intuition

Leave it to Supermom to know when something just isn’t quite right. She has a feeling, a sense, a knowing that can only come from being the woman who cares the most and invests so much in her family. When I was a brand new mother, I instinctively knew something was wrong with my newborn son. It took going from doctor to doctor until one took me seriously enough to investigate. As it turned out, my baby had a dangerous cyst that required emergency surgery. Thankfully, that child is now a healthy 11-year-old all because I listened to my innate intuition!

7. Death Stare

Every Supermom has perfected the death stare as a silent indicator to her brood to knock off whatever naughtiness they’re currently engaged in. The death stare is serious business that carries even more serious consequences just ask my kids who were recently zapped by the death stare in church while I stood at the altar performing bridesmaid duties. What’s even better (or worse)? It was all caught on tape.

8. Hug Healer

Supermom may not have gone to medical school, but her hugs are the antidote for every physical and emotional human suffering. Whether it’s a skinned knee, hurt feeling, or just a plain old bad day, Supermom has what it takes to right the world’s wrongs and turn that frown upside down. Remember, mama said there’d be days like this.

9. Clairvoyant Caretaker

Surveyor of danger, reader of people, and overall psychic matriarch, Mom knows whether to stay or go, speak or stay silent, take action or lay low. And she nails it every. single. time. Why? Because Supermom has a family reputation to protect! The next time you see a mom pounce with cat-like reflexes, choose an alternative restaurant, or deduce that things are about to go from bad to worse, you can trust that she’s seen the future and it isn’t pretty.

10. Master Finder

When there’s only seconds remaining and it’s all on the line, you can count on Supermom to find that missing shoe, beloved lovie, or math homework without breaking a sweat. It’s not so much science as it is following the trail of stuff you left behind to lead her there.

And there you have it. The 10 secret weapons that make us go from mom to Supermom in the blink of an eye! Have any of these superpowers saved you and your family from a major catastrophe?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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