10 Things I Learned About Kindergarten This Year

As Kindergarten draws to a close in 10 short school days, I reflect on this momentous school year and how far BooBoo has come.

This Kindergarten school year may not have been my first rodeo, but I realize now more than ever just how different every child, teacher, and school year can be.

It’s with bittersweet emotion that I recount the 10 things I learned in Kindergarten this year as an assist to parents getting ready to take the elementary plunge this fall!

  • I learned some things… 1 of 11

    What could they be? Click on through to find out!

  • Everyone’s nervous 2 of 11

    You're nervous and your kid is nervous. The only difference is that you're trying to play it cool and your kid probably isn't. Relax! Every parent and child is feeling the exact same way. Just know that it's totally normal to feel like a big tumbleweed of emotions about the whole Kindergarten experience and why not? Your baby is growing up and it's sad and scary and wonderful all at once!

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  • Your kid will fit in… 3 of 11

    ...academically and socially. Even if it takes your child a little time to ease into the transition of school, in a few weeks you and your child will both fall into a kindergarten groove.

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  • Your kid isn’t the only one who needs to make friends 4 of 11

    You do too. No, really. Making friends with fellow parents might be the greatest gift you give yourself this year. Having folks to call on for assignments you don't understand (yes, even Kindergarten assignments) or help planning a school party will make the year much more enjoyable for you and your child.

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  • You don’t have to volunteer in the classroom 5 of 11

    I'm serious. I admire and respect the parents who carve out the time and energy to volunteer in my son's kindergarten classroom, but I'm just not one of them. I even wrote about it once. If you're not the volunteering type, you can sit at my lunch table without judgment.

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  • You’ll need to invest in a storage unit 6 of 11

    If you thought your kid was bringing home a bunch of artwork from preschool watch out! Kindergarten is the pinnacle of daily worksheets, artistic creations, and birthday goodie bag trinket crap. You will simply drown in a bottomless sea of "shtuff" unless you have somewhere to put it. If you can't afford a storage unit, the circular file serves as an acceptable alternative.

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  • There will be tears 7 of 11
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    There will be times when your kindergartener is so frustrated they'll cry. There will be times when you're so frustrated with your kindergartener that you'll cry. There will be tears and that's OK. Kindergarten is a big year of adjustment for everyone.

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  • Your child’s teacher is not judging you 8 of 11

    As the mother of two boys who have both been behavioral demons in kindergarten, you can trust me when I tell you that just because teachers bring undesirable behavior to your attention, it doesn't mean they're judging you. Teachers want parents in the know so they can work together as a team to help direct challenging behavior into a more positive direction.

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  • There�s a lot to remember 9 of 11

    Let's see, homework is given out every Monday and is due Thursday. Share day is Wednesday. Spirit wear needs to be worn Fridays. Crazy Hair Day is the 8th, Silly Sock day is the 17th, and on and on, and well...on. Invest in a family calendar and refer to it often.

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  • Every kid is different 10 of 11

    My son needs a solid 10+ hours of sleep if he's to be any good to anyone the following day. He also needs a belly full of nutritious non-sugary food each morning to be able to learn. While some kids can and do get by on less, pay attention to what your child needs to be successful in school.

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  • The school year will fly by 11 of 11

    Sometime around October 15th, you'll swear you've been in school for a hundred years. Then a funny thing happens. Once you return from holiday break, the rest of the year will fly by in a snap and you'll soon have a big first grader!

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Do you have an up-and-coming first grader? What did YOU learn in Kindergarten this year?

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