10 Things My Kids Say Way Too Often

I haven’t really been around kids too much growing up. I had my siblings (and there were 4 of us in total), but when I became old enough to really focus on things and wasn’t a kid myself, I never had much exposure to them. There were no younger cousins or siblings when I was a teenager and I was the first of my circle to have kids. I had no idea just how much kids talked and the strange things that kids say.

Now that I have kids of my own and they’re old enough to be talking and complaining and complementing and fighting, I’ve noticed quite the pattern. There are some nice things that my kids say a lot — like “please” and “thank you” due to my obsessive need for them to grow up with good manners. I have also noticed some not-that-nice things that my kids say over and over. Some of them on their own aren’t that bad, but hearing what the kids say over and over and then over again — well, it can get annoying fast.

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    There are some things that come out of their mouth that is just too common.

  • Mom? 2 of 11

    Three kids who walk around calling out for me, even when I've hidden in the washroom gets tiring after a while. 

  • Where’s Mom? 3 of 11

    While they don't say this to me, I hear them ask each other and my husband when the last thing I want is to be found. 

  • I’m Bored 4 of 11

    I don't feel the need to fix the situation every time my kids say their bored, but they use it so often it can get annoying. Today, Raru came in from playing outside and before she thought to do anything else, out came "I'm bored."

  • I’m Telling 5 of 11

    Something families who have more than one kid can understand, I hear it from up in their room. I'm trying to raise them only to tell when it's serious, but they have different ideas. 

  • I Don’t Want To 6 of 11

    If it's time to wake up, to brush their teeth or to stop what they're doing to move on to something else, this phrase comes out a lot. 

  • I’m Not Tired 7 of 11

    Happens every night just before it's time for the lights to be turned out in bed. I know they're tired -- I think they know they are, but yet this phrase comes out.

  • Leave Me Alone 8 of 11

    A typical saying around here with three kids. They like to get on each other's nerves and they do it really well. 

  • I’m Tired 9 of 11

    May seem strange to have this one in the same list at the opposite, but it's true. This one is said nearly every morning as I try to wake them up for school. One day they'll get the go to bed on time and you won't be so tired thing. 

  • Do I Have To? 10 of 11

    I ask them to do the same things each day so it shouldn't come as a surprise, but it does every time and they let me know.

  • Why Doesn’t S/He Have To? 11 of 11

    Nothing seems fair to kids when it comes to them and their siblings. I am waiting for the day that their reasoning is like it should be... one day soon I hope. 

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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