10 Things You Should Never Say to a Work-From-Home Parent

About 6 months ago I transitioned from a stay-at-home parent to now a work-from-home parent. My days usually consist of working about 5+ hours a day and taking care of my three children, the house and all that comes with in between. My kids are not yet in full time school so I have them all home more than half the week — it’s an interesting balance struggle.

There are a lot of myths out there when it comes to understanding exactly what a work-from-home parent does. It’s a non-traditional way of earning a living and with that comes a lot of questions from people who don’t really understand it. There are some incredible perks about working from home, but like with anything — there are some things that are a constant struggle too.

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  • “So, you don’t really have a full time job then?” 1 of 10
    "So, you don't really have a full time job then?"
    Why?: Often work-from-home parents are balancing a heavy part time or full time work load.
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  • “I’m going to drop by some time tomorrow.” 2 of 10
    "I'm going to drop by some time tomorrow."
    Why?: Most work-from-home parents have a strict schedule they stick to. Not treating their office hours as you would someone in a managed building is not wise.
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  • “Awesome, saving money on childcare!” 3 of 10
    "Awesome, saving money on childcare!"
    Why?: Many times work-from-home parents have to use a babysitter for a few days a week or even full time childcare. Working from home doesn't mean not working.
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  • “Must be so nice to stay in your pj’s all day” 4 of 10
    "Must be so nice to stay in your pj's all day"
    Why?: There are days where yes, pj's are the norm but it's also hard to make yourself get dressed up if you don't 'have to'.
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  • “How do you get everything done?” 5 of 10
    "How do you get everything done?"
    Why?: We don't - we prioritize.
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  • “That has to be the best of both worlds” 6 of 10
    "That has to be the best of both worlds"
    Why?: There is this constant balance struggle and feeling like we have to do it all. It's awesome but not always the 'best'.
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  • “You only work during nap time?” 7 of 10
    "You only work during nap time?"
    Why?: Many work-from-home parents will schedule phone calls and meetings during nap time but working more then just that.
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  • “You actually get paid?” 8 of 10
    "You actually get paid?"
    Why?: There is this idea that working from home is not a real job - most work hard for the money!
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  • “Has to be nice to work with no schedule” 9 of 10
    "Has to be nice to work with no schedule"
    Why?: Another good and bad thing. Many of us do have a tight schedule but with some flexibility. It can be hard to focus and still get everything done.
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  • “You just ignore the kids while you work?” 10 of 10
    "You just ignore the kids while you work?"
    Why?: Many work-from-home parents struggle with the balance of work vs kids. Hiring a babysitter or daycare is not uncommon.
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:: Tell me — what is something people have said to you? Which is the worst? ::

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10 Things You Should Never Say to a Stay-at-home Parent
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