10 Things Only A Kid Could Get Away With

Being an adult is sometimes kinda crappy — the responsibility we have, the expectations and all that come with being a productive and reasonable person in the world. It’s great that there are these expectations — makes the world run, but sometimes when I am having a particularly difficult day, I think back to my carefree childhood. Seems so nice — no real worries and sheltered from the real issues going on.

As we grow, the expectations of our behavior grows with us, but there is a lot more leeway for kids than there is for adults. There are certainly some things that kids can get away with far easier than if they were grown like me and that’s pretty awesome, though I admit some of them (I won’t say which ones) I wish I could still do.

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  • Speaking Their Mind 1 of 10
    Speaking Their Mind
    If a kid thinks your sweater is ugly or wants to go home like NOW, it's perfectly acceptable for them to say it. Well, at least no one would pay too much attention about it.
    Photo credit: Jeremiah Ro on Flickr
  • Not Being Fully Dressed 2 of 10
    Not Being Fully Dressed
    Kids love to be naked, whether they decide to walk around with no shirt, pants or shoes adults couldn't get away with that.
    Photo credit: barockschloss on Flickr
  • Messy Eating 3 of 10
    Messy Eating
    We see kids all the time walking with spaghetti stains or chocolate still on their face. It's expect and would not go over well if an adult did the same.
    Photo credit: Rudoni Productions on Flickr
  • Falling Asleep Anywhere 4 of 10
    Falling Asleep Anywhere
    We want our kids to fall asleep, even if it means they fall where ever they are. If only I could do that .... now.
    Photo credit: liber(the poet) on Flickr
  • Going Out In Costume 5 of 10
    Going Out In Costume
    Adults will get "dude you're crazy" looks if we go out in costume. Kids get the "aw, look at her" looks.
    Photo credit: on Flickr
  • Wearing Funky Hair 6 of 10
    Wearing Funky Hair
    Kids are able to go in public with blue goo in their hair, tangles or the cutest princess up-do. Adults are usually expected to look their age.
    Photo credit: chris runoff on Flickr
  • Being Worry-Free 7 of 10
    Being Worry-Free
    Has to be the best thing about childhood. No worries about big decisions.
    Photo credit: freshheadfilms on Flickr
  • Walking Around With Security Blanket 8 of 10
    Walking Around With Security Blanket
    I admit, there have been times I wish I could hold a something with me that makes me feel better. Kids can bring their blanket or a favorite toy if they're nervous.
    Photo credit: Frank de Kleine on Flickr
  • Using A Straw Without Looking Weird 9 of 10
    Using A Straw Without Looking Weird
    I know adults can use straws, but there is something so juvenile about it -- looks weird to me when I see a grown up using one. Kids get the luxury of the awesome straw with no second thoughts.
    Photo credit: Neeta Lind on Flickr
  • Laughing at Potty Humor 10 of 10
    Laughing at Potty Humor
    Kids are expected to have developing humor, making it totally okay for them to laugh at or make a joke about poop. Adults... not cool.
    Photo credit: cheriejoyful on Flickr

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Photo credit: cheriejoyful on Flickr

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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