10 Things to Double Check Before Spring

Warmer weather! Sunny days! Rainstorms! With everything wonderful about spring there’s something I always forget about. Whether it’s making sure we have enough sunscreen or the right clothes at the right time, there’s always something that goes awry in my spring planning. This year I’m hoping to avoid any last minute trips to the store by being prepared before the sun comes out regularly and Addie is begging to play outside and in the puddles from sun up to sun down.

This year I was super prepared for winter, I had gloves, coats, hats and even a super fancy sled AT THE READY. Only winter never really came and the sled is still sitting out there, brand new. But! Had I not been prepared with everything the snow would have dumped and we would have been stuck inside mitten less and there wouldn’t have been a sled to be found for four counties. I also take credit for no real natural disasters as of late, I’m stocked on water, food rations and anything else that may be needed in the event of a weather related emergency. (You’re welcome and knock on wood.)

Here’s 10 things to double check around your own home before spring has really sprung.

  • Do shoes fit? 1 of 10
    Do shoes fit?
    With the changing of the seasons there is usually a changing of footwear as well. Does your child have a pair of sandals that fit? What about rules at their school about open toed shoes? If they're not allowed what shoes are?
  • Get a haircut 2 of 10
    Get a haircut
    Depending on where you live and what kind of hair your child has (for us it's in humidity with curly hair) a fresh trim can do wonders. It can also keep kids cooler in the warmer weather, did you know hair actually grows faster in spring and summer?
  • Allergies? 3 of 10
    Does your family suffer from allergies? When's the last time you changed your furnace filter? Also, do you have plenty of allergy medication on hand?
  • Do clothes fit? 4 of 10
    Do clothes fit?
    Sure you bought shorts last year and bought them big enough to last another year, but did your kids outgrow them when they weren't wearing them? Better check now before you have a kid going to school in too tight shorts or jeans in 80 degrees.
  • Planting flowers 5 of 10
    Planting flowers
    Do you have a designated weekend for planting flowers in your yard? Pick a day and make sure you have all the tools before hand so you don't buy too much, double buy or have to stop mid gardening to run to the store.
  • Sunscreen 6 of 10
    Sunscreen can expire and lose its potency from year to year, if you can't remember when the last time you bought sunscreen it may be time to restock. It's also suggested now that spray sunscreen not be used on children due to inhalation problems, if you do choose a spray sunscreen spray it into your hand away from your child, then apply.
  • Plenty of Band-Aids 7 of 10
    Plenty of Band-Aids
    The theory in our house is that it's officially spring when both knees have a Band-Aid. Make sure you have plenty on hand as well as ointment and wound care. (If your kids are like mine they probably snuck all the Band-Aids over the last few months.)
  • Water for everyone 8 of 10
    Water for everyone
    Water is important year round, but it's even more important when the weather gets warmer and kids play more. Keep reusable water bottles filled and the fridge and make sure kids understand how important it is to make sure their pets have plenty of clean, fresh water as well.
  • Rain Gear 9 of 10
    Rain Gear
    Growing up in Utah we never had a need for cute rain coats and galoshes. In Indiana they're a must. Make sure rain gear fits before the rain starts falling unless you like soggy shoes and socks piled at your front door.
  • Windows locked 10 of 10
    Windows locked
    With the nice weather comes open windows, be sure your kids understand not to open them without permission and that they are to always leave them locked. It's also important to make sure your kids understand not to play rough near open upstairs windows, even if they have a screen.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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