10 Things That Get Easier As Your Kids Get Older

I remember when I brought my kids home for the first time and in the months that followed, I thought about all the ways that my life had changed. It’s pretty freaky when you think about all the responsibility you have over these tiny humans and all the dreams and hopes you have for their future.

As you’re in the younger years of parenting, so much changes; your privacy, your workload, your sleep, and  your eating habits. And while it’s all totally worth it, you may start to wonder if it’s going to be like this for the next 18 years as you raise your kids.

My kids are only 7, 6 and 4-years-old now and I already see such a huge difference in workload from previous years. There are things that actually get easier as your kids get older, and some of them are pretty awesome.

  • Things Do Get Easier 1 of 11
    Parenting comes with a lot of responsibility, but it does get easier.
  • Finding Time For Your Partner 2 of 11
    When the kids were young, it was harder to find time to hang out with my husband. Even just wanting to watch a movie together at home was often interrupted with kids who needed or wanted something. Now that they're older, we have that alone time!
  • Oral Health Care 3 of 11
    I hated brushing my kids teeth and flossing two times a day, times three kids. It was always met with stubbornness and now that they're older, they can take care of it (mostly) themselves.
  • Dangerous Toys 4 of 11
    My kids have had the misfortune of stepping on the Lego they've left on the floor and with that, they realize it won't happen again if they just clean it up.
  • Sneaking a Nap 5 of 11
    I don't do it often, but there are days now where I can take a small 15-20 minute nap on the couch while the kids play around me. When they were younger, I couldn't do that since who knows what trouble they could get into.
  • Alone Time 6 of 11
    My kids don't need to be watched 24/7 anymore and with that comes some more opportunity for alone time! I can sneak away for 30 minutes to watch tv in my room, which is amazing.
  • Eating a Warm Dinner 7 of 11
    I spend so many nights reheating my dinner since I had to help the kids eat there's or something else came up. Same can be said for coffee. It's just all so much better warm!
  • Keeping the House Clean 8 of 11
    With older age comes older responsibilities and that includes the kids cleaning up after themselves. Gone are the days of tornado kids after I've just picked up.
  • Getting Out the Door On Time 9 of 11
    Oh the days where I had to dress three kids before I could go out the door is behind me, thankfully! Now that they're older and can get themselves dressed, we get out so much faster!
  • Going to The Bathroom SOLO 10 of 11
    Who knew this was something you'd have to sacrifice when you had kids? I didn't and yet, for years my kids wanted to follow me everywhere. Now, they understand the need for washroom privacy.
  • Getting Around the Neighborhood 11 of 11
    In the early days, you're pushing a stroller and maybe a baby wrap at the same time. Me -- I had a double stroller and my youngest in the baby wrap when we left the house, which was daily. Now that they're older and can walk without all that, we have a much easier time. I have both my hands (except when we cross the street) and it's much easier.

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