10 Things That Get Harder As Kids Get Older

Kids grow up too quickly, and when they do, it can bring some added challenges. I shared the ways that life can get easier as the kids get older, but unfortunately — not everything works that way.

When I got into this parenting gig, I knew I would face some challenges, roadblocks and have to do some apologizing later in life. (We all make mistakes!) I knew that with each new age-group that my kids entered, I would be faced with new challenges and a whole lot of new adventures and so far, I am just completely (okay, not completely) loving it.

Like I said though, not all things are easier as the kids get older — there are a few ways I can think of that their advancing age render difficult, even just a bit.

  • Things Do Get Harder 1 of 11
    Things Do Get Harder
    There are many things that get easier on us as our kids get older, but there are some things that get harder too.
  • Getting Them Up In The Morning 2 of 11
    Getting Them Up In The Morning
    If your kids are are like mine, they don't want to get up. When they were younger, they were more apt to get up before I wanted them too. Now, they're sometimes late for school
  • Homework 3 of 11
    My kids are in French immersion school and well, I don't speak French all that much. They're in a 100% French program so often I have to ask them what their homework is telling them to do.
  • Not Embarrassing Your Kids 4 of 11
    Not Embarrassing Your Kids
    No one tells you that magic age where you child no longer wants you to blow them a kiss as they leave for their bus in the morning. It's harder to navigate the relationship as they age and how much you could potentially embarrass them.
  • Difficult Conversations 5 of 11
    Difficult Conversations
    When kids are younger, the conversations are a lot lighter. As they age, you have to talk about things like bullying, self-esteem and sex.
  • Getting Them To Bed 6 of 11
    Getting Them To Bed
    I will admit, there was a time or two I told the kids it was time for bed, when really it was an hour sooner than their regular bedtime. They bought it, but now that they're older -- that doesn't fly anymore.
  • Buying Gifts 7 of 11
    Buying Gifts
    When the kids were younger, we bought toys and books that we think they would like. They were not old enough to really care much, so it was easier. Now that they're older, they have a super specific list of what they want -- and will tell you if it's the wrong thing.
  • Arguing 8 of 11
    Kids, as they get older, talk back. No longer is a conversation just one-sided and as their opinions form, they're happy to tell them to you an point out when you're wrong.
  • Discipline and Consequences 9 of 11
    Discipline and Consequences
    I don't like having to give my kids consequences for the less-than perfect behavior, but it's a part of parenting. I've noticed that as they get older, instead of a 5 minute calm-down, I have to take away their iPad or video games and well, sometimes that makes things more difficult for me.
  • Getting Them To Eat Veggies 10 of 11
    Getting Them To Eat Veggies
    I probably brought this on myself, but I would hide vegetables in my kids food when they were younger. Now that they're older, they can see them and sometimes refuse to eat the whole meal. They have their favorites like broccoli and bok choy, but trying to get them to test out new vegetables can feel impossible at times.
  • Knowing What They’re Up To 11 of 11
    Knowing What They're Up To
    When my kids were younger, they were never out of my care. I had them home with me -- no daycare or preschool and always knew what they were up to. Now that they're older and in school, it's harder to know what they're really up to.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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