10 Things to Consider As Your Child Begins Kindergarten This Fall

Is your kid starting kindergarten this fall? Me too! Isn’t it exciting?

This is my eldest son on his first day of kindergarten nearly five years ago.

I remember practically everything about that big first day. My son was nervous, excited, and proud – as was I. 

I had high hopes for Boy Wonder’s academic career, and why shouldn’t I have? He was smart, inquisitive, and ready to learn.

What I didn’t know then were how dangerously flawed my expectations were. What followed were many painful lessons as my son and I clumsily navigated toward achieving academic and behavioral success. 

As I registered BooBoo to begin kindergarten this fall, I realized just how much I’ve learned in the way of realistic academic expectations.

As you begin filling out those kindergarten registration packets and preparing for the excitement of this fall, I’d like to share a few personal lessons learned. While I know each of your experiences will be unique, I’ve prepared a bit of elementary school wisdom to bear in mind as your child embarks on the road to academia.

  • Every grade presents unique challenges 1 of 10
    Every grade presents unique challenges
    I foolishly thought once my son overcame the behavioral challenges of kindergarten, first grade would be a total breeze. Every school year presents new and unique challenges in terms of child development and grade level curriculum.
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  • You do not have to join the P.T.A. 2 of 10
    You do not have to join the P.T.A.
    I repeat, you do not have to join the P.T.A., unless of course you want to. The day my son told me his homework assignment was to get me to join the P.T.A. was the very same day I wrote a lengthy letter to his teacher about the power of personal choice. Join if you want to, don't if you don't.
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  • It’s not always a love connection 3 of 10
    It's not always a love connection
    Inevitably there will be teachers with whom you and/or your child will have bad chemistry. School is like a game a tennis, sometimes it's love and sometimes it's not.
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  • You are not alone 4 of 10
    You are not alone
    Did your kid pull a red card?
    Did your kid fail a test?
    Did your kid drop an F-bomb?
    It's easy to feel isolated by these challenges but fear not; you are not alone. Forget about feeling judged by the teacher or fellow parents, your kid was one of a 100 children that day to face these very same issues.
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  • Don’t be intimidated by your child’s teacher 5 of 10
    Don't be intimidated by your child's teacher
    Your child's academic success is contingent upon your relationship with his teacher. Never be afraid to speak up or schedule a meeting to discuss your child's progress.
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  • Don’t feel guilty for working outside the home 6 of 10
    Don't feel guilty for working outside the home
    While you may never be Room Mom or volunteer in your child's classroom, your commitment to your child's education is undeniable.
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  • Be honest with your child’s teacher 7 of 10
    Be honest with your child's teacher
    If your family is facing unique challenges, be sure to let his teacher know. Together you can work to manage your child's education through this difficult time.
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  • Your child might struggle 8 of 10
    Your child might struggle
    So maybe this one's obvious but I was shocked as hell when my child didn't excel in school they way I thought he would. Taking inventory of my expectations and partnering up with my son's teacher helped him achieve his personal best.
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  • Parent-teacher conferences can sting 9 of 10
    Parent-teacher conferences can sting
    I've sat in a few parent-teacher conferences on the verge of tears. It's hard to listen to anything less than complementary about your child when you know how hard you're both trying.
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  • School can be a lot of pressure 10 of 10
    School can be a lot of pressure
    If you find your child struggling in school, tread lightly. Work with your child's teacher on methods to motivate and reinforce classroom lessons at home.
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Have any elementary school wisdom to add?

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