10 Things We Do as Parents…That We Get Mad at our Kids For Doing

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Ever found yourself yelling at your kids to stop yelling? Funny isn’t it? Sometimes I see that parenting and hypocrisy go hand in hand. I’m constantly asking my child not to lie to me, but around certain parenting corners, I have my own little white lies. Like the magic wand one that crashed and burned.

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If I were a kid, I’d be pretty confused sometimes with what comes out of a parents mouth and what is actually witnessed. Actions do speak louder than words. I’m realizing now as my kids get older and can call me out on things I’ve said and done just how attentive they are. Those little eyes are watching! It’s so easy to teach and preach and tell our kids what to do, but the doing it ourselves may be a little more difficult.

I was thinking about some of the things I ask my kids to do or not do and then I realized that I’m guilty of most of them. Oh-well, we’re not perfect!

Do you ever find yourself in some of these situations?

  • What a Day 1 of 10
    Whine, whine, whine. Don't we hate it when our kids get whiny on us? I think as parents we have our own little version of whine, called venting and complaining. Do we get it from them, or do they get it from us?
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  • Tissue Please! 2 of 10
    "Please stop your crying already!" How many times do I ask my kids to stop crying and then turn around, hide in the closet and cry myself a river? Ummmm...not telling. Big girls do cry though.
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  • Sneaky, Sneaky 3 of 10
    We say, "no more treats kids," they walk away, and we grab a handful of goodies when they're not looking. Sneaking treats is one of those "do as I say, not as I do" things.
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  • No Way, Not Getting Up 4 of 10
    "Kids, please go to bed!" Ummm...what about the morning when our alarms are chiming,"get up!" I see a similarity, they don't want to go to bed, we don't want to get out of it.
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  • Get off the Computer 5 of 10
    "You've spent too much time on the computer!" And this one, they've most likely learned from us.
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  • But I’m so Hungry 6 of 10
    Ever get cranky when you're hungry? They do and we do. We are very much alike in that aspect.
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  • Work? No Thanks! 7 of 10
    "But Dad, I don't want to do my work," the child says. And under his breath, dad is saying the same thing.
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  • Not Eating That 8 of 10
    Do you have picky eaters at your house? Is there anything you don't want to eat either? I have a few items I'd rather not touch. Funny how we make them eat theirs but won't touch our own forbidden foods.
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  • Whose are Those? 9 of 10
    "Hey kids pick up your clothes and put your shoes away!" (Oops, I better go pick up my own.) Better yet..."Hey kids, don't look in my closet and see all the clothes on my floor, just make sure yours are put away nicely!"
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  • Mine! 10 of 10
    My toddler loves to scream, "MINE!" And when she wants to steal my laptop or phone, I scream those same words..."Mine!" Ha! I'm such a child.
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So, tell me, do you ever do any of these? Would you add any to the list?


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