10 Things You Should Never Say To A Single Parent

Families come in all different shapes, sizes and compositions. Gone are the days where a man and woman are married then start a family with 2.2 children and their white picket fences. Life is much better with differences in the world.

Single parent families can be by choice or circumstance and are also a misunderstood family dynamic. There are those that feel it must be like the worst thing ever and can’t understand why it was chosen and there are others who feel ‘sad’ for those who are parenting independently by circumstance. Each dynamic has their challenges and often, the ‘non-typical’ families are the ones most often misunderstood.

Click through for my advice on 10 things you should never say to single parent:

  • “How Do You Do It?” 1 of 10
    "How Do You Do It?"
    Why?: It's a rhetorical question that can make a person feel inadequate. It's done because it has to be and it may not be as bad as you assume.
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  • “I Hope You Find a Partner Soon.” 2 of 10
    "I Hope You Find a Partner Soon."
    Why?: Not everyone wants a partner. It's also not always so bad.
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  • “You Look Tired” 3 of 10
    "You Look Tired"
    Why?: In general, you shouldn't say this to anyone.
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  • “I’m So Proud of You.” 4 of 10
    "I'm So Proud of You."
    Why?: If you wouldn't say this to just any parent, it can sound demeaning.
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  • “When Are You Going To Get Remarried?” 5 of 10
    "When Are You Going To Get Remarried?"
    Why?: Asking can make it seem like you don't think life is good enough unless you're married. That's not everyone's dream.
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  • “Where Are Your Kids?” 6 of 10
    "Where Are Your Kids?"
    Why?: "Umm, I don't know." Can feel like you're questioning their parenting.
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  • “You Need Some Adult Time” 7 of 10
    "You Need Some Adult Time"
    Why?: "Umm, duh." What you should really say is "When can I babysit for you?"
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  • “Where is Your Partner” 8 of 10
    "Where is Your Partner"
    Why?: A question you shouldn't ask anyone.
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  • “You Must Be So Lonely” 9 of 10
    "You Must Be So Lonely"
    Why?: It's just mean. It makes it sound like anyone without a partner is not happy.
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  • “My Partner Had To Work Late, I Know How You Feel.” 10 of 10
    "My Partner Had To Work Late, I Know How You Feel."
    Why?: Parenting alone every day, all day with no break other then to maybe work is not the same as having a longer day then average.
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:: Tell me — what is something people have said to you? Which is the worst? ::


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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