10 Tips For Moms: Things Dads Just Wish You’d Know How To Do

Well ladies, turnabout is fair play.

Fellow Babbler Selena Burgess laid out 10 things she wished the stereotypical Dad knew how to do,

In my house I may not know how to turn on the dishwasher or laundry machine, but my wife doesn’t know what a good price is for tomatoes or how to program the DVR.

We all play different roles in the family, and the ideal is that, in the end, we all work together as a team.

I know how to wash dishes, and fold laundry. I lived on my own for 15 years before I met my wife. I just know my role in this household and that’s NOT to mess with the things my wife is particular about. So I have no idea how to turn on the dishwasher or laundry machine. Sometimes it’s best to just ‘stay out of the way.’ Capiche?

Regardless, as a rebuttal to this funny if it was the 1950s list, I turned to the fraternity of involved fathers and asked to lightly slap back with some tips for Moms and reminders of the weight Dads carry around the house.

  • Listen Up, Ladies 1 of 11
    10 Tips For Moms: Things Dads Wish You Would Just Learn

    Remember, it's stereotypical satire.

  • Go to the mall and not buy anything 2 of 11

    Going to the mall is actually great exercise. It's walking, it's lifting, it's just inside. But do us a favor? Try and go there and NOT buy anything. Just because it was a great deal, doesn't mean it's a great deal. Do the kids really need 12 pairs of pyjamas? I don't care if they were $5 each, that's $5 we don't have to spend on something else we actually do need. Go. Look. Come home empty. We dare you.

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  • Build a crib / All the things you brought home from Ikea when you were out shopping 3 of 11

    The instructions aren't even in English, they're pictures. It's not that hard.

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  • Have my drink ready when I walk in the door 4 of 11

    My wife did this - once - as a hilarious homage to stay-at-home wives of yesteryear. I'd had a tough day, she knew that, and I was home late from work. When I walked in, the boys hugged me, she kissed me on the cheek and placed a cold beer in my hand. It was totally cute.

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  • Stop treating us like your ‘other’ child 5 of 11

    Women control the purse strings. Ask any marketer and they know the way into a family's heart is through the mom. All marketing is targeted at you. You're the star of the show. We get that. But stop treating us like we're your other child. You reap what you sow, people. Treat us like your child, and we'll act like one. Selena's entire list is just so, I don't know, old. It's old stereotypes where dads aren't involved, don't want to be involved, or are doing everything wrong. We're entering an era of equality here. Dads stay at home, dads do diapers, dads participate. Belittling isn't the way to make things equal, people.

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  • Cut The Grass 6 of 11

    Women like gardening, right? Why is the lawn a man's field to manicure? If you can push a stroller through the mall, you can push a lawn mower. Actually, in my house, it's me that's not allowed to cut the grass. My wife was whipped into shape by her dad as a kid to cut the grass, and now she gets upset when I do it. (See above where men don't participate for fear of 'doing it wrong.')

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  • Me Time 7 of 11

    Take some. It would be great if women actually knew how to take some me time without fear that we are going to 'break the baby.' Dads aren't doofuses. We may do things differently than you, but we still love our kids and want the best for them. You don't need to leave out a list of instructions for bath time. It's water. It's soap. You don't need to call us, text us, or check up on us. Get out of the house, have a hen night, we'll be fine. Besides, we've got a tee time Sunday morning at 8.

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  • Brown Chicken, Brown Cow 8 of 11

    Selena lamented the lack of displays of affection. We'd like it if you'd learn a few things too. Following the 7 Days of Sex plan might be a good place to start. Brushing up on those latin terms you were so good at when we were dating? Awesome.

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  • Find Out How Things Work 9 of 11

    Everything comes with manuals. If we don't know how to do something, chances are we're going to Google it, or read a manual. You can do the same. I changed a faucet last month, had no idea how to do it - so I googled some YouTube videos. I needed to install shelves in the garage to hold our shoes, the hardware store isn't a men's club, women are allowed in - so go. Try.

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  • Use The Remote Control 10 of 11

    Yes, there's a hundred buttons on the thing, but you only ever need to learn how to use about five of them. How is it that you can understand to pin and re-pin, but you can't figure out how to program the DVR to record the Bachelorette?

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  • Loosen Up 11 of 11

    I'm guessing the whole "Mommy Wars" is getting tired if you're taking to trolling the men in your life, but stuff like this is just silly. We're all on the same team. We all need to work together. We all want to 'have it all,' and if there isn't balance in your family, work at finding a way to achieve it. Smearing all dads as doofuses doesn't help your case.

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The ridiculousness of the above list, and the one Selena presented should really not serve to create deeper divides in the Battle of the Sexes, but rather show us how far we’ve come. They simply underline that when we work together as a team, the entire family wins.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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