10 Tips on How to Throw a Fall Garden Party


I adore my kid’s school garden. Remember the post I wrote where I gushed about how great it is? I made the garden look so effortless! Not today!

I’m going to focus on the garden work party. It’s hard to keep our garden thriving year round.  The last two work parties I attended at the school were such a success, I couldn’t help but share what I learned. Whether you have a school garden, interested in starting a school garden, or have a personal garden, my tips will help you! 

Tip #1: Call it a Party! It’s all in how you market the event. 🙂 My kid’s garden party did have a party vibe. There was a lot of raking, digging, and pruning going on, but the kids were having a blast. I loved meeting the other adults. It was a perfect mix of socializing and working together.

Tip #2: Invite Everyone! I loved that I saw parents, students, community members and school staff helping prep the school’s garden for winter and spring. It was fun to meet and work with such a variety amount of people.

I can’t wait to share the rest of my tips with you! Times running out though if you want to plant bulbs in your garden. You might miss your chance for the roots to settle in before winter. I guess that’s Tip #3: Plant the Bulbs NOW!

The rest of my tips are the following:

  • #4 Buy Kids Sized Tools 1 of 7
    #4 Buy Kids Sized Tools
    We had a bucket filled with kids gloves, kid sized rakes, spades, and shovels. The kids loved finding tools their size. It made their jobs so much easier.
    Find great child sized gardening tools at For Small Hands
  • #5 Buy Beautiful Bulbs 2 of 7
    #5 Buy Beautiful Bulbs
    I found a really good selection of bulbs on Amazon. It's going to be such a fun surprise for the kids to see flowers like these sprout up in the spring!
    Find these bulbs at Amazon
  • #6 Keep the Jobs Simple 3 of 7
    #6 Keep the Jobs Simple
    Raking leaves was a hit with the kids! So was sweeping the stairs and digging holes. Although these jobs seemed simple, they were actually really important and necessary jobs. I think the kids sensed this and they felt very responsible.
  • #7 Let Kids Use Sharp Objects 4 of 7
    #7 Let Kids Use Sharp Objects
    It was such a thrill for the kids to do jobs that seemed a little dangerous. With adult supervision, cutting the sticks down for mulch was something everyone wanted to try.
  • #8 Include a Place for Breaks 5 of 7
    #8 Include a Place for Breaks
    Next to the drinks and donuts was this was a fun game. The kids had fun making up guesses when they wanted a break for the garden. Also on this table were email sign-up lists, garden newsletters, info on grants, and garden books for sale. A great way to keep everyone informed and entertained!
  • #9 Supply Drinks and Donuts 6 of 7
    #9 Supply Drinks and Donuts
    It's always nice to include coffee, hot cider, hot chocolate, and plenty of donuts. It was chilly morning and these drinks kept everyone a little warmer and happier.
  • #10 Give a Quick Lesson 7 of 7
    #10 Give a Quick Lesson
    They don't call it a learning garden for nothing! Here's one of the teachers showing the class a bulb and describing which way it should be facing when it goes in the ground.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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