10 Valentine's Projects Your Kids Will Love

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Love is in the air!  Can you feel it? Are you ready? I can’t wait! Allow me to get ultra cheesy for a minute.  I’ll stop when the sap literally starts dripping from my fingers. Tis the season, isn’t it?

So, I used to have a shirt. It was blue, cheap, from American Eagle and one of my favorites. Everywhere I went I got comments on it, “Hey, great shirt! Love the shirt! Cool shirt” etc…I called it my magic shirt. Great things happened every time I wore it.  Want to know why it was so cool?

It said, “Spread the Love.”

Ahhhhhh. My favorite phrase. Isn’t it great? Lovely? Doesn’t it get you all giddy inside? Okay, sap dripping now. Seriously, who doesn’t love a holiday that is tied around love? For some reason, Valentine’s Day is so much more exciting now with kids because there’s more bodies to love. No longer are we solely concerned with the fact that our husband or significant other didn’t live up to our expectations (you know, he forgot the flowers or the chocolates or that there even exists a Valentine’s Day) but we get to celebrate and spread the love with our little ones.

Here are 10 projects your kids will LOVE doing with you…

  • Valentine’s Day Countdown 1 of 10
    Valentine's Day Countdown
    Start with a Valentine's Day countdown. Why should February 14th be the only day of love? Let your kids look forward to such a fun holiday by counting it down!
    Here is a free printable to get you started.
  • Heart Garland 2 of 10
    Heart Garland
    Nothing gets you more ready for the love holiday like a house full of hearts. Your kids will love draping the house with them!
    Click here for a free template and instructions.
  • Crayon Hearts 3 of 10
    Crayon Hearts
    These wax hearts will add a festive touch to your windows and your kids will enjoy helping you along the whole way!
    Click here for step-by-step instructions.
  • Valentine Placemats 4 of 10
    Valentine Placemats
    These are a fun and beautiful addition to the table. Allow your kids to get creative and my guess is you will want to pull them out every year.
    Visit here for some great placemat ideas.
  • Heart and Lollipop Flowers 5 of 10
    Heart and Lollipop Flowers
    These are an easy gift for your kids to make and share with everyone they love!
    Click here for more information.
  • Heart Crayons 6 of 10
    Heart Crayons
    I can't wait to make these with my kids! We have crayons coming out of our ears over here and this is the perfect way to recycle them!
    Click here for more information
  • Playing Card Coupon Booklet 7 of 10
    Playing Card Coupon Booklet
    I fell in love with this idea! I think young kids will have so much fun making these coupons and then of course using them!
    Click here for more information.
  • Valentine Hat 8 of 10
    Valentine Hat
    If your child is anything like mine, than you are busy making hats out of everything. This is a great one to add to the collection!
    Click here for instructions.
  • Valentine’s Love Cupcakes 9 of 10
    Valentine's Love Cupcakes
    This year instead of sugar cookies, how about making some LOVE cupcakes! Those little fingers will have so much fun sprinkling and helping you. I just LOVE this idea!
    Click here for instructions.
  • Cinnamon Candy Cider 10 of 10
    Cinnamon Candy Cider
    How about an alternative to hot cocoa this February? You're going to need a nice warm drink to go with your LOVE cupcakes. This is a drink that could come straight out of Candyland! Enjoy!
    Click here for more information.

I hope these can bring a LOVELY feeling in your home and help you enjoy such a fun holiday!

I would love to know which one you are going to do first with your kids!


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