10 Ways to Beat the Winter Break Blues

Christmas is behind us and just around the corner is New Years – one of the most festive and family – centered times of year.  To top off all the fun of the holidays – the kids are on their winter breaks.

My kids are off for 2 weeks. Two weeks of entertaining the kids full time is on my plate this week – and many of yours too. I was scratching my head a week or so ago wondering how I am going to balance everything while having them home. Also – having them home but not bored out of their minds. I came across some cute ideas to keep them entertained, engaged and keep my sanity at the same time.  Click through for 10 ideas to keep your kids entertained during the winter break:

  • Throw a Party! 1 of 10
    Throw a Party!
    No better way to break out of the rut then throwing a 'just for fun'party. Better yet - make it winter themed to embrace the season.
    Get instructions from Bakerella
  • Make Art 2 of 10
    Make Art
    Take your butts outside and make some fun art in the snow. Use the snow as the canvas and the surroundings as your brushes. Make it a game!
    Get instructions from Two Chickens and a Hen
  • Have a Picnic! 3 of 10
    Have a Picnic!
    When you hear the word 'picnic' I bet "winter" is rarely the next though. Play things up - surprise your kids with a picnic in the snow!
    Get instructions from Simple
  • Snow Paint 4 of 10
    Snow Paint
    No better time of the year (if you live in an area with snow) will you have a larger blank canvas. Make spray paint for the snow and create masterpieces with your kids.
    Get instructions from The Idea Room
  • Money Drawings 5 of 10
    Money Drawings
    Stuck inside? Why not combine art and math by making crafts with coins!
    Get instructions from Family Fun Go
  • Snowman Fun 6 of 10
    Snowman Fun
    Take a turn from the traditional snowman and get creative. This idea has the kids build a headless snowman and then you take pictures with the kids head.
    Get instructions from Family Fun Go
  • Indoor Sports 7 of 10
    Indoor Sports
    Using household items and marshmallows have your own family Olympics. Create your own games, keep score or don't but it's bound to keep the kids entertained for hours.
    Get instructions from Make and Takes
  • Marble Slides 8 of 10
    Marble Slides
    Kids love mazes and watching things in motion. They also love races, and winning and friendly competition. This idea will be a must play for the kids through the break.
    Get instructions from Canadian Family
  • Winter Themed Books 9 of 10
    Winter Themed Books
    Books are a great indoor activity and kids never seem to get bored of them. Why not pick out some books from the library - all winter and snow themed - and read a new one each night.
    Get a list of winter books from Apples 4 the Teacher
  • Go Outside 10 of 10
    Go Outside
    Kids love to be outside - if they don't then encourage them to go out. Hiking, skiing, tobogganing are all ideas bound to keep them entertained for hours.
    Image Credit: Pixomar

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