10 Ways to Bully-Proof Your Kids

Do you ever wonder what your kids will be like when they grow up? Do you have dreams and high hopes of them becoming something specific, like a doctor or a professional athlete? Maybe you just hope they grow up and aren’t too screwed up. I fall in that category a lot, I’ll admit.

I was thinking though, if I could have my child be anything, it would be confident. I think it’s the foundation for success in any area. Great things can be built upon a confident child. Confident children tend to behave better and are less likely to be bullied or give in to peer pressure. Heaven knows kids these days need a shield from bullies. I think confidence is just the thing.

Each one of my kids is different. We’ve got a rainbow of colors over here as far as personalities go.They all came with their own strengths and weaknesses. I wish they all could have inherited the “confident gene” from their daddy, like they did his eye color, that would make my job as a parent so much easier. But alas, that did not happen. I’ve got to put in some effort if I want to raise confident children. That’s one of those things that is easier said than done. It’s not like baseball practice where I can just send them for an hour each week to “confidence practice” and they come back all beefed up with self-esteem.

It’s totally my job, and can I tell you how much pressure I feel because of it? A LOT! Their self-esteem stems from me and their experiences here at home. I’ve got to be on my ‘A’ game if I’m going to accomplish the task of raising confident, contributors to society.

Dr Sears, the parenting guru stated:

The roots of a young child’s self-concept come from home and nurturing caregivers. After six years of age, peer influence becomes increasingly important. The deeper the roots of home-grown self-confidence, the better equipped kids are to interact with peers in a way that builds up self-worth rather than tearing it down.

So, this is on my mind lately because I see the confidence level in one of my kids starting to drop. And after talking to their teacher at school, and hearing that she has noticed the same thing, I can’t help but delve into this and start, “Operation-beef-up-my-kid’s-self-confidence.”

My mission is to start with these next ten tips. If you’re interested in raising confident kids too, then click through and let’s do it together, shall we?

  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T 1 of 9
    So often we demand respect from our little ones, and I'm pretty sure they would love to have the same courtesy shown to them. If we don't like being yelled at, chances are...they don't either. Home should be a safe place where our kids feel respected. Do unto others...
  • Trust 2 of 9
    Everyone wants to be trusted. When our kids believe they have our trust, their confidence soars. We should always have their back and they should always know that.
  • Friendly Friends 3 of 9
    Friendly Friends
    I personally think that monitoring their friends while they're young and while they trust us, is part of our job. Keeping a home that is open to having their friends over allows you to see how they interact with their peers. When you're not a fan of their friends, it's time to find other playmates.
  • Hey There Show Off! 4 of 9
    Hey There Show Off!
    Let them strut their stuff! Next time they say, "Hey mom! Look what I can do!" Drop that dishtowel and enjoy your spectator seat for a moment. Most kids beam when the spotlight is on them and they have your attention.
  • Are You Confident, Mom? 5 of 9
    Are You Confident, Mom?
    Time to do a confidence check yourself. They learn by example. If you're low on self-esteem, well, it's time to beef that up too. Start struttin' your stuff mama! Use these tips on yourself!
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  • Score! 6 of 9
    Set them up for achievement. When you notice your child is particularly talented in one area, let them feel the confidence that comes from doing well. We all feel better about ourselves when we achieve something, don't we?
  • Little Thing Called Time 7 of 9
    Little Thing Called Time
    You know that saying, "To a child, LOVE is spelled, T-I-M-E"? So true! When you spend your valuable time with them, they feel important and loved, which equals confidence.
  • What a Helper! 8 of 9
    What a Helper!
    Kids need responsibilities. When they feel like they're needed at home and are contributing, they feel good about themselves.
  • You did it! 9 of 9
    You did it!
    Encouraging our kids to try new things and conquer fears is a HUGE confidence booster. What new challenge can you encourage your kids to try today? (And of course, you'll stay by them all the way so they succeed...)


We can really help our children get a step ahead in life by arming them with a heaping, healthy dose of self-confidence. And with that, they won’t allow others to bully or cut them down. So, let “Operation-beef-up-my-kid’s-self-confidence” begin!

What do you do to help your kids feel self-worth?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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