10 Ways to Ditch the Grouch

GrouchSo, we get grouchy. And we all do our own funny (or not-so-funny) things when our grouch-meter spikes. Being tired and other factors may set us off, and ROAR….watch out people!

Our families know when the grouch comes and they know whether or not they should mess with us in a particular moment. My husband knows when to intervene and save my poor children from my irrational wrath. He also knows when NOT to intervene and try to talk me out of it. I have to de-grouch on my own. I have my own ways of de-grouching…and I’d love to know what yours are!

What do you do when your Oscar pops out of the garbage can, dismisses the lovely day and starts spewing grouchiness at everyone around? You know you do it sometimes, and I admit that I do too.

Take yesterday for example. I haven’t slept in weeks (ding, ding, ding, that’s my ultimate grouchy trigger), I can’t bend over anymore because my belly is stretched out to Africa, I haven’t left my house by myself in I don’t know how long because I need an escort, and I’m constantly cleaning up toddler pee. Those all happen to be chart-topping, get-mommy-grouchy things.

So, I did everyone a favor and took myself away for a mini vacation. I broke the rules and went to the store by myself (I’m a hazard these last few weeks of pregnancy). I know, I’m such a rebel. I even played bumper carts with fellow Easter shoppers. Ohhhh, that was a good time!

So, here’s a list of ways to ditch the grouch, and in the comments below, I’d love to know how you kick Oscar to the curb…

  • Help! I’m Grouchy! 1 of 10
    Help! I'm Grouchy!
    I call my sister when I need some help leaving grouch-land. She always says just the right thing, and helps put perspective on my little mole-hills that I've turned into mountains. Moms are also helpful in these kinds of situations.
  • Take a Quick Snoozer 2 of 10
    Take a Quick Snoozer
    I'm usually tired when I get grouchy, so a quick 20-minute cat nap can do wonders for anyone in that situation.
  • Run it off 3 of 10
    Run it off
    I really like to pound the pavement when a punching bag isn't available. Releasing some endorphins can quickly change our mood and get us back to our happy place.
  • Clean 4 of 10
    Now, before you think I'm crazy, hear me out. A messy house is usually a contributing factor to my grouchiness. Once I can clean up the mess, I feel better.
  • Take a Time-Out 5 of 10
    Take a Time-Out
    I frequently put myself in time-out. It's lovely actually. When I need a minute to myself or a minute to de-grouch, I tell the kids mom needs to take a time-out. I chill out on my bed, in my closet, on the porch, wherever I can find a few minutes of peace.
  • Pump up the Volume 6 of 10
    Pump up the Volume
    Turning up the music often helps me get into a better mood. So, D.J....turn it up!
  • Shopping 7 of 10
    Shopping (not necessarily buying) or just getting out of the house for a bit can help clear our minds from whatever it was that made us grouchy in the first place.
  • Pray 8 of 10
    There are days when I need divine help to get me back to a happy place. When I say pray, I also mean meditate, moment of silence or whatever your cup of tea may helps to enjoy a little peace now and then.
  • Story Time 9 of 10
    Story Time
    Sometimes, when life is overwhelming and we can't get a handle on it, we have to drop what we're doing and de-stress or de-grouch. That may mean watching a movie with your kids in the middle of the day or having an extra long story time that day.
  • Chocolate 10 of 10
    And come on, a handful of chocolate doesn't hurt once in a while. (I'm not endorsing emotional eating!) I said a handful, which is not the same thing as a whole pan of brownies!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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