10 Ways You Can Work Exercise Into Your Day While Home With Your Kids

10 Ways You Can Work Exercise Into Your Day While Home With Your KidsIt’s not easy trying to find the time to “do it all” but some things should be put on the priority list and health is one of them.

Yes, yours.

Part of being healthy is finding and making time to exercise regularly. It doesn’t have to be the typical “go to the gym for an hour every day” kind of exercise, but it should be something.

As families grow and kids enter our lives and get older and have us running from this event to that event (and by “running,” I really mean shuttling everyone around in our cars), the time for fitness seems to dwindle as our waistbands expand. It’s weird how that works out.

I am making myself a commitment to work harder on me, including more me time and more exercising. It can be challenging when you’re juggling three kids, but there are some good ways that you can make some time for a fitness routine in your week.

Click through to see 10 ways you can work exercise into your day while home with kids:

  • Learn a New Sport Together 1 of 10
    Learn a New Sport Together
    Exercise is always best done when you love what you're doing -- that way you'll stick with it. If you make it a family affair to learn a new sport or skill you will have the support of everyone.
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  • Start Quiet Time 2 of 10
    Start Quiet Time
    If your kids don't nap any longer think about starting a mandatory 30-45 minute quiet time. This will give you the time you need to yourself for a quick workout.
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  • When the Kids Go to Bed 3 of 10
    When the Kids Go to Bed
    Carve out some time before you go to bed just after you've tucked in your kids to give your muscles a work out.
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  • Go For a Family Walk 4 of 10
    Go For a Family Walk
    Kids love to be outside and going for walks is a great way to get that exercise quota in and not feel like you're taking away from your kids (though, that shouldn't matter).
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  • Have a Dance Party 5 of 10
    Have a Dance Party
    I have three kids who all love to dance. If you want to work out, but your kids are with you -- break out a dance party. Put on the music and dance crazy for 20-30 minutes.
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  • Find a Gym With Childcare 6 of 10
    Find a Gym With Childcare
    There are many gyms now that offer childcare to their members. Check out your neighbourhood to see if one nearby offers this perk.
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  • Do Small Intervals Often 7 of 10
    Do Small Intervals Often
    Sometimes all we can do is get away for 10 minutes. That's better than nothing! Doing smaller workouts a few times through the day is a good way to work it in on those days where a lot is going on.
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  • Hire a Babysitter 8 of 10
    Hire a Babysitter
    Once or twice a week for an hour or so can give you the break you need to go and exercise.
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  • Get Up Before the Kids Do 9 of 10
    Get Up Before the Kids Do
    It may be hard at first, but working out in the morning is one of my favorite times. It's quiet and a great start to the day.
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  • Use the Kids as Weights 10 of 10
    Use the Kids as Weights
    Find an exercise dvd and use your kids as weights. It's fun for them and you're engaging with them while working on your fitness.
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