1000 Awesome Things About Being A Parent (part 1)

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The blog, 1000 Awesome Things, came to an end today. 4 years after learning to appreciate the little things in life while struggling with a collapsing marriage and a friend’s suicide attempt, Neil Pashricha has reached the most awesome thing ever: anything you want it to be.

This is really a new school Chicken Soup For The Soul kind of series.  Instead of short stories, 1000 Awesome Things is just a quick reminder that life is good, life is awesome, and life is a gift.

Stop getting caught up in the tax deadline, worrying about what’s for dinner, and how you’ll get child 1 to ballet when child 2 has swimming, take a pause and remember: being a parent is awesome.

Here’s a list of 1000 Awesome Things About Being a Parent (actually only 17 – it’s a work in progress), some are Neil’s, some are mine, what are yours?

  • Last Day of School 1 of 17
    Last Day of School
    There is no excitement for a kid that quite matches the day their school sentence is commuted for the summer. 2 months of havoc back in your house. While you may outwardly complain about the lack of personal space you have now that the kids don't have anywhere to be or anything to do, inside you love the sound of getting your kids back.

    1000 Awesome Things - #6
  • First Day of School 2 of 17
    First Day of School
    What a day that first day of school is. If there was ever a metaphor for being an adult, school is it. It's their "job". An 8-3 grind with meetings, assignments, projects, and responsibilities. When your kid makes that first step into a classroom to meet their "boss" (teacher), it's their first steps alone into the real world.
  • Games You Made Up When You Were A Kid 3 of 17
    Games You Made Up When You Were A Kid
    "Kitchen rock band, indoor baseball, cardboard tube sword fights, any game involving leftover cardboard, store."

    1000 Awesome Things - #69
  • Playgrounds 4 of 17
    You never notice how ubiquitous playgrounds are until you have kids. Then you see them everywhere, and they excite you. Sure, there are your local favourites, but when you drive by one you haven't seen before you get excited at how it looks like a ship, or a spacecraft, or zoo animals. You count the slides, measure the climbers and make a mental note to tell your kids about it. Truth is, you love going down the slide as much as they do.
  • The First Scream 5 of 17
    The First Scream
    That length of time between birth and hearing your child scream seems to take forever. The entire planet seems to spin in slow motion silence ... until you hear that scream. That scream is the greatest sound any parent can hear. Now it begins.
  • Kids helping Brother or Sister 6 of 17
    Kids helping Brother or Sister
    "There's something beautiful about watching kids holding hands as they cross the street. You're seeing someone small grow into someone tall. Those hands are the bridge from the stroller to the future, from walking with their parents to walking by themselves."

    1000 Awesome Things - #244
  • Cool Moms 7 of 17
    Cool Moms
    "When you have a friend with a cool mom you're loving it lots, baby. They're usually found upstairs at that one house everyone always hangs out at. Now, if you're a cool mom your house sure is full of big smiles, loud laughs, and happy kids. You value the best things in life and live to love for years and years and years."

    1000 Awesome Things - #245
  • Taking Off The Training Wheels 8 of 17
    Taking Off The Training Wheels
    It's a metaphor for doing it on their own. It's a little sad to know our kids don't need our help to do the little things, but whether it's riding a bike, sleeping in a big boy bed, or knowing how to brush their teeth on their own, it's awesome.
  • Catching The Ice Cream Truck 9 of 17
    Catching The Ice Cream Truck
    "Scribbling on your stomach in your bedroom, playing Bubble Bobble with your brother in the basement, throwing baseballs around the backyard, your ears suddenly perk up to the sound of a distant and familiar jingling. Eyeballs pop, eyebrows raise, and big smiles curl on your face because now the race is on."

    1000 Awesome Things - #392
  • When Your Dad Checks Under The Bed And Finds No Monsters 10 of 17
    When Your Dad Checks Under The Bed And Finds No Monsters
    "Blind and alone, scared on your own, your ears crank it up and hear every little sound: Are those fingernails scratching the floor? Is that breathing from under the bed? And is that gurgling coming from the closet? That's when mom or dad charges into your room, flicks on all the lights, and checks everywhere monsters could be hiding. Flashlights poke around closet corners and search missions are conducted under the bed. Eventually, empty closets and open floors all confirm that you're gonna live through the night."

    1000 Awesome Things - #394
    Image Credit Flickr
  • The Kids’ Table 11 of 17
    The Kids' Table
    "The Kids Table a great place to find burps, laughs, and juice spills at a holiday meal. Everyone's enjoying a warm evening with cousins decked out in their finest cableknit sweaters, rosy red cheeks, and massive bedhead. Yes, The Kids Table is great for many reasons."

    1000 Awesome Things - #606
  • Dessert 12 of 17
    Before we had children, my wife and I would rarely have dessert. We'd have a nice meal, some wine and then relax into a conversation. Now, with kids, there needs to be a climax to end a family dinner. The shrieking glee when frozen milk on a stick is pulled out of the freezer is awesome.
  • Building An Amazing Couch Fort 13 of 17
    Building An Amazing Couch Fort
    "Building a family room stronghold is no joke. No, it's a kindergarten lesson in teamwork, trust, and the art of war."

    1000 Awesome Things - #834
    Image Credit Flickr
  • Make Believe 14 of 17
    Make Believe
    From Santa to the Easter Bunny, from the Tooth Fairy to Leprechauns, there is something about the mythology of childhood and parenting that brings warm fuzzies. The ability of a child to believe in absolutely anything is inspiring, and reminds you that anything is possible if you believe.
  • Presents 15 of 17
    We may think we spoil our kids when we buy them too many things, and we probably do, but there's something to be said about wanting to spoil someone. How you bought presents for your spouse when you first met them because it was all about them. It's all about the kids and whether it's a Kinder Surprise, or a new puzzle, a book, or mittens, the surprise of a surprise is elating.
  • Getting To Be A Superhero 16 of 17
    Getting To Be A Superhero
    It's true, when you're a parent you have super powers. You can reach the highest shelf, you can stay up late, you have eyes in the back of your head. All these things parents can do blows. your. kid's. mind. You're a superhero, it's true.
    Some of us even have the costume :)
  • Little Kids Running Around Going Completely Insane 17 of 17
    Little Kids Running Around Going Completely Insane
    "Little kids running around going completely insane is a beautiful thing. After all, kids grow up in bedrooms and backyards so when they escape into a head-swirly unknown it's like they hit Total Infant Actualization. Spinning electrons in a spinning solar system can't help lead to spinning bodies sometimes."

    1000 Awesome Things - #79

Your turn. What’s awesome about being a parent?

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