11 Books I Miss Reading to My Kids … and One I Don't

Having older kids is great! They are more independent, they can do more, and potty training is a very distant memory. But, sob, so is the memory of reading some of my favorite books with my kids.

Recently as I was looking at some books that have been boxed up for years, it brought back so many wonderful memories that I sat my kids down for a special reading. It took me back to what I thought then were the countless nights of reading the books. In fact, the readings were quite finite. And I miss them.

Click through for the 11 books that I miss reading to my kids, and one that no amount of nostalgia can make me yearn for.


  • Jamberry 1 of 12
    The best rhythm, the best illustrations. Jamberry was one of my very favorites. Get it from Amazon $7.64
  • We’re Going On a Bear Hunt 2 of 12
    We're Going On a Bear Hunt
    A family outing to go on a bear hunt! They're not scared! We know because they are telling us. Get it from Amazon $12.91
  • The Napping House 3 of 12
    The Napping House
    Love The Napping House and the stacking and how sleepy I get whenever I read it to my kids. Wish they got sleepy too! Get it from Amazon $11.24
  • Gaspard and Lisa’s Rainy Day 4 of 12
    Gaspard and Lisa's Rainy Day
    I have no idea why the Gaspard and Lisa series is not more popular in the United States, but these books are adorable without being cloying. Get it from Amazon $189.98
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar 5 of 12
    The Very Hungry Caterpillar
    Sure, the Very Hungry Caterpillar eats its feelings, but it's fun to go through the various food groups! Get it from Amazon $15.50
  • Moo, Baa, La La La 6 of 12
    Moo, Baa, La La La
    Hands down, my favorite book to read with my daughter. She had it memorized cold. I was a tiny bit heartbroken when a few months ago I said "A Cow Says Moo, A Sheep Says Baa-" and instead of continuing "three singing pigs say la la la" she looked at me and said "everything ok, mom?" Sigh. I remember. Get it from Amazon $5.39
  • Wacky Wednesday 7 of 12
    Wacky Wednesday
    I'm not a huge Dr. Seuss fan, but my kids loved this book and finding all the wacky things on each page so much, that we re-read this book at least once a year Get it from Amazon $8.99
  • Everyone Poops by Taro Gami 8 of 12
    Everyone Poops by Taro Gami
    Parents are split as to whether this book about pooping goes too far or not, but I was squarely in the "addresses the subject factually and with humor" camp. Let's face it, poop happens. Get it from Amazon $7.95
  • The Carrot Seed 9 of 12
    The Carrot Seed
    I love this story of a kid who doesn't give up, even though the adults around him are telling him to. This was never my kids' favorite when they were little, but it's one of the books they remember best now that they're older. Get it from Amazon $6.99
  • Bark, George 10 of 12
    Bark, George
    George's mother wants him to bark. But he's not barking. (Spoiler alert: George barks when he's good and ready to.) Get it from Amazon $11.24
  • Good Night, Gorilla 11 of 12
    Good Night, Gorilla
    I liked Good Night, Moon, but I loved Good Night, Gorilla. Gorilla trumps Moon! Get it from Amazon $5.99
  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear 12 of 12
    Brown Bear, Brown Bear
    I know. Sacrilege. But Brown Bear, Brown Bear worked my last nerve. I don't know if it was the repetition of the animals or all of them looking at each other, but I am very glad to be done with this book. Get it from Amazon $8.99

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