11 #KidWorldProblems My Kids Have Complained About This Week

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Kids, man. They have no idea how good they have it. I mean, in our day we used to have to walk uphill in the snow to school and back every day! Sometimes I have to shake my head at their complaints, which definitely fall under the category of “kid-world problems.”


Oh and don’t try the “it all touches in your stomach” thing unless you never want your kid to eat again.

2. “They¬†touched my toy and now it’s ruined with cooties!”

Cooties are still a thing, I guess. And apparently your sibling is FULL of ’em!

3. “Another kid at school likes the same My Little Pony as me but only I can like it!”

I literally do not understand how this is a problem. But apparently it’s a big one.

4. “I don’t WANNA walk!”

Didn’t you know? Walking¬†is “too hard,” and “totally boring.” Unless, of course, we are walking to the ice cream store, the playground, or a friend’s house, and then I am the one who isn’t walking fast enough.

5. “The grocery store doesn’t have the race car shopping cart!”

Regular shopping carts are basically torture.

6. “Adults ask so many questions!”

Ugh, adult questions are the worst! How are kids supposed to remember what they did at school twenty minutes ago? Adult expectations are entirely unrealistic.

7. “I want breakfast but my parents are still sleeping!”

We’re the worst parents ever because we want to sleep past sunrise on a Sunday.

8. “I can’t pick a toy!”

You think you’re doing a nice thing by letting your kid pick out a toy, but then they break down over the stress of “only picking one.” SMH.

9. “You’re always too busy to play with me!”

Believe me, I’d much rather be playing with you than cleaning out the refrigerator, doing laundry, washing dishes, etc.

10. “You never let me play on your phone!”

Can’t one thing be just Mom’s?

11. “I’m not tall enough to go on the fun rides!”

But when the necessary height has been reached, the ride is deemed, “Too babyish.” ARRRG!

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