13 Things From Pinterest You Will Actually Do

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13 Things On Pinterest

Let’s be real, Pinterest is visually awesome, but it’s an aspirational place. We all get lost for hours pinning ideas to various boards, but how many do you actually DO?

Are you really going to build that gorgeous fireplace in your kitchen? Did you take the time to carve a watermelon bunny for Easter? Are you going to crochet baby sandals? Are you going to do your nails like Tetris pieces?

Pinterest is a pretty place to dream, but what about things you’ll actually accomplish?

I’ve created a pinboard of places I want to visit when I go to Iceland this summer with Team Diabetes, but mostly I pin stuff and then forget I ever pinned them. The ideas are inspirational for a few minutes, and then they just land in a digital junk drawer.

So let’s break it down. Here’s 13 Pinterest things you can, will, and should actually do. A few crafts, a few recipes, all simple.

Let’s Do This!

  • Monster Spray 1 of 13
    Monster Spray
    Kara Harvey pinned this fun idea.

    She took art stickers and placed them on an old spray bottle to help rid monsters from the kids' room.

    Photo Credit: Kara Harvey
  • Cherry Blossoms 2 of 13
    Cherry Blossoms
    Candice Hall pinned this project.

    All you need is a long sheet of paper, an empty soda bottle and some paint. A cute way to add some spring color to your home.

    Photo Credit: Candice Hall
  • Mini Greenhouses 3 of 13
    Mini Greenhouses
    Shabby Beach Nest pinned this idea.

    If you haven't started your spring seeds yet, this is an easy way to give each pot a private greenhouse.

    Photo Credit: Blomsterverkstad
  • Oreo Overload 4 of 13
    Oreo Overload
    Rory Chocolate Hair pinned this yummy piece.

    This takes your usual brownie recipe and kicks it up a notch.

    Photo Credit: KevinandAmanda
  • Man Pleasing Chicken 5 of 13
    Man Pleasing Chicken
    Cori Cusker pinned this one.

    I am a man, I was pleased by this. I made it and it was awesome.

    Photo Credit: Wittyintecity
  • Chicken Pot Pie 6 of 13
    Chicken Pot Pie
    Natalie Zheng pinned this popular comfort food.

    An easy recipe to wrap up your week's leftovers.

    Photo Credit:
  • Flip Flop Hangers 7 of 13
    Flip Flop Hangers
    Sarah Allam found this closet friendly idea

    All you need are some wire cutters and old hangers. Turn up the ends, and you can cut down on the flip-flop clutter.

    Image Credit
  • Five Dollar Savings Plan 8 of 13
    Five Dollar Savings Plan
    Michelle Horvat pinned this saver.

    It's a simple idea: find a fiver, and put it in a jar. I do that with all my spare change,and end up with a few hundred for vacation mad money. Imagine if I set my heights higher?

    Photo Credit:
  • Smoothie Packs 9 of 13
    Smoothie Packs
    Erica Shipley pinned this plan.

    What a great idea. Spend a Sunday chopping things up for the week and store them in simple freezer bags for quick weekly access.

    Photo Credit: LaceyInLove
  • Vacation Packing List 10 of 13
    Vacation Packing List
    Holly Veit pinned this checklist.

    Taken from, this list is great to have on hand as you start to plan your spring and summer trips.

    Photo Credit: Container Store
  • Bubble Refill Station 11 of 13
    Bubble Refill Station
    Amber Taylor pinned this summer idea.

    You might see a jug and think 'lemonade', but it could also be a bubble station.

    Photo Credit: ComeTogetehrKids
  • Frozen Veggies 12 of 13
    Frozen Veggies
    Melissa Clark

    We buy frozen veggies, why not make our own?

    Photo Credit: KevinandAmanda
  • Cable Identification 13 of 13
    Cable Identification
    David Rathbun pinned this tip.

    It's a simple idea: take old bread tags and use it to label all those cables behind the computer and tv.

    Photo Credit: David Rathbun

Do you have a favorite pin of something you’ve actually done? Let us know in the comments!

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