Unconditional Love & 10 More Things Being a Mom Has Given Me

When I became a mom I knew my life was going to change in a big way. I was ready for it and looked forward to what it was going to bring. 6 years into this whole “Mommy” thing and I could not have even predicted all the awesome it would bring me.

Being a mom is a role I am glad to have and it has taught me some pretty valuable lessons. I have learned a lot about the world and myself as I watch and nurture these three beautiful kids. It has made me grow as individually and as a partner. One thing is for sure though — some changes you can’t really be prepared for unless you are smacked right in the face with it. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies, but it is all worth it!

Click to see a list of things being a Mom has given me:

  • Unconditional Love 1 of 11
    Unconditional Love
    I never knew the true meaning of unconditional until my children entered my life.
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  • True Meaning of Tired 2 of 11
    True Meaning of Tired
    I never knew just how tired a person could get. Weeks and weeks and months of sleep deprivation and the world looks so different.
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  • Stretch Marks 3 of 11
    Stretch Marks
    My kids have given me these 'badges of honor'. Not going to lie, they could have kept these and I would be happier.
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  • 15 Pounds 4 of 11
    15 Pounds
    My kids have given me (at least) 15 pounds of extra weight. I know I can't really blame it on them but that's easier. They could have kept this one too.
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  • Imaginative Play 5 of 11
    Imaginative Play
    Having children has given me back the whole 'imagination' thing. I find myself inventing and imagining and playing like a kid again.
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  • No Shame 6 of 11
    No Shame
    My kids have given me no shame. I leave the house un-showered, no make up and poop on my shirt -- because I have to.
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  • Immunity to Being Grossed Out 7 of 11
    Immunity to Being Grossed Out
    Having kids has given me many opportunities to clean poop off walls, boogers off faces and pee of the floor. I dare you to try and gross me out now.
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  • Grey Hair 8 of 11
    Grey Hair
    Having kids has given me grey hair. I'm lucky because my hair is blonde so not so noticeable, but it's there folks!
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  • Anxiety 9 of 11
    Becoming a mom has brought on a new set of anxiety. Kids being hurt is one of the biggest ones.
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  • New Definition of Clean 10 of 11
    New Definition of Clean
    My kids love to make messes. They have given me a new definition of clean. Some days, if I can see the floor that's good enough for me.
    Photo Credit: Accustomed Chaos
  • Ability to Multitask 11 of 11
    Ability to Multitask
    I think once your baby comes into your life you should have the option of cloning yourself. My kids have given me a great ability to multitask with only two hands.
    Photo Credit: Accustomed Chaos

:: What would you add? Tell me, what your kids have given you ::

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