11 Things My Son Insists on Believing In

I love that my son has an imagination that reaches beyond the limits of logic and conventional wisdom. It’s one of the things I love most about him.

At 10 years old, Boy Wonder is more certain of his beliefs than I ever was at his age, or even am now as a person well into my middle ages.

He believes what his heart knows to be true, regardless of how silly, strange, or unpopular his beliefs may be. While only time will tell if Boy Wonder grows up to be a conspiracy theorist or simply a person who appreciates the mystery of a little magic, at this age he’s allowed himself the freedom to believe.

Take a look at 11 things my son absolutely insists on believing in and why in his very own words – after the jump!

  • Loch Ness Monster 1 of 11
    Loch Ness Monster
    "I think the Loch Ness Monster is real because it could be a dinosaur that survived millions of years that no one has been able to capture yet."
  • Mermaids 2 of 11
    "Mermaids are real because they were apes that chose to go into the water for their life and then after the years they evolved with fish tails. Now they hide from sight because they're sort of like endangered or something."
  • Dragons 3 of 11
    "I believe in dragons because theire could be dragons out there before the dinosaurs and all mankind. I believe in them now sort of. Maybe they live in places without a lot of people, like little islands without shopping."
  • Santa 4 of 11
    "I've always believed in Santa because he gives me presents only once a year. Besides, he's only real if you believe in him."
  • Vampires 5 of 11
    "I think vampires are real because I was reading a magazine and scientists found a skeleton of a vampire with a stake in its heart so they have to be real."
  • Big Foot 6 of 11
    Big Foot
    "I believe in Big Foot because he's a giant ape-man and when I was watching Finding Big Foot, there's been tons of sightings."
  • Aliens 7 of 11
    "Aliens are real because there are billions of galaxies out there and there might be more life than humans. It would make sense."
  • Angels 8 of 11
    "I believe in angels because they come from God and God is real."
  • The Abominable Snowman 9 of 11
    The Abominable Snowman
    "I think the Abominable Snowman is real because he's the cousin of Big Foot. After living in such a cold place his fur turned white."
  • The Tooth Fairy 10 of 11
    The Tooth Fairy
    "I think the Tooth Fairy's real because every time I put a tooth under my pillow and I wake up, there's some dollars."
  • The Easter Bunny 11 of 11
    The Easter Bunny
    "I believe in the Easter Bunny because every Easter I find a basket filled with good goodies. I just know he's real."

What do your kids believe in?

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