11 Things That Make Us Feel Like Sucky Parents (and the 1 Thing That Makes it OK)

You’ve felt like a sucky parent at least 10 billion times, right?

It’s like a prerequisite to awesome parenting to feel like you’re failing at least twice a day.

I know I’m a good mom. Scratch that, I know I’m a great mom in spite of the very normal and often horrifying parenting mishaps I encounter every single day.

I know you can relate so I asked around, did a little research and discovered what things made you feel like a sucky parent. This is what you had to say:

  • Sassitude 1 of 11
    We all deal with a healthy dose of attitude but when our children dish it up in public, eeks!
  • Bad manners 2 of 11
    Bad manners
    We teach good manners and our kids forget good manners. Nose picking, farting, burping and failing to say thank you are just a few of our parenting pet peeves.
  • Picky eating 3 of 11
    Picky eating
    Picky eating at home is annoying. Picky eating at someone else's house is horrifying.
  • An ungrateful attitude 4 of 11
    An ungrateful attitude
    If you've ever watched your child unwrap a gift and proclaim they don't like it out loud, you know what it feels like to want to crawl in a hole and die.
  • Walking away 5 of 11
    Walking away
    When you child decides they don't like what you're saying and simply walks away, it feels as if your parenting card has been revoked.
  • Shyness 6 of 11
    Shyness is not to be confused with rudeness (but unfortunately it can sometimes come off that way).
  • Stubborness 7 of 11
    We all want our children to grow to be great leaders with a mind all their own...once they're out of the house of course.
  • Mean behavior 8 of 11
    Mean behavior
    Witnessing our child lash out out at another can be both ugly and embarrassing.
  • Forgetting stuff 9 of 11
    Forgetting stuff
    We may have all forgotten a pajama day here or snack day there but that doesn't make the punch in the mom gut any less painful.
  • Hurting them 10 of 11
    Hurting them
    We've all clipped too short or bumped the baby's head. We've all felt really guilty about it too.
  • Work guilt 11 of 11
    Work guilt
    When your kids tell you you're never around, it hurts...even if not having food on the table hurts more.

Here’s the good news: You love your children and they know it. Despite the sometimes feeling of failure, you go to bat every single day with your heart in it 1000%. For that reason alone, you can bet you’re succeeding in the game of parenting; trust in it.

What makes you feel like you’re failing as a parent? What tells you it’s all OK?

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Parent Fail: I didn’t count on motherhood being so hard

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