12 Activities I Can’t Wait to Do With My Kids This Summer

This week has been amazing as far as the weather goes. Finally, the cold air is leaving and we’re left with amazing sunshine and heat that doesn’t require layers and layers of clothes. I have so many activities for the kids that I have been waiting to do when the weather strikes right — and it is finally here!

My kids are now at that age where they can all do the same thing. Last year, Bean was only 3-years-old and she had some trouble keeping up with what Speed and Raru wanted to do. I would have to be right in there with her, trying to make whatever thing they were doing work for her. It wasn’t always easy.

Now that they’re all at a good age and Bean has been able to keep up with the older two, there are more activities that seem far more possible to actually enjoy this summer. Instead of fights breaking out because someone is feeling left out or the older kids being bored while we did a Bean-appropriate activity, I think this summer will be just perfect — and I can’t wait.

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    Summer Activities for Kids

    I am looking forward to the warmer weather bringing us the opportunity to make these activities a part of our memory.

  • Dinner Picnics 2 of 13

    Dinnertime is always loud around here and at times it can feel overwhelming. In the summer, we take dinner outside to the lawn and eat picnic-style. The kids can be louder since we're outside and the fresh air just does a body good. 

  • Make New Friends 3 of 13

    The neighborhood comes out in the summer weather and we get to meet the new kids on the block. My kids have a lot of fun times with the kids they are just meeting or reuniting with after the winter. 

  • Play in the Dirt 4 of 13

    I love to get my hands dirty and in the summer, we can relive what I did in childhood, make fun scenes out of the dirt and mud. I would spend hours outside with my imagination and some dirt and I'm excited to watch my kids do the same. 

  • Hopscotch and Sidewalk Art 5 of 13

    There is something about chalk that just attracts my kids. They love it so much, I have a wall in my livingroom dedicated to their chalk drawings. In the summer, we get to take that outside and decorate the sidewalk and make a fun game out of hopscotch. 

  • Fly a Kite 6 of 13

    I haven't yet done this with my kids and I am putting this on our summer to-do list. I am looking forward to watching them fly the kite and enjoying watching it float in the air. It's calming and can be a lot of fun. 

  • Burn Energy at the Playground 7 of 13

    My kids sleep so much better in the summer when we can spend a lot of time running and screaming outside. We have a community playground quite close to us and they love to burn their daily energy running, sliding and they sleep much better afterwards. 

  • Re-Try Swim Lessons 8 of 13

    2 years ago I enrolled Speed and Raru into swim lessons. It didn't go very well and we quickly had to get out of the program. I am hoping that this year we will be able to get them more interested in learning how to swim safely. It's important in my book. 

  • Bike Riding and Scooter Riding 9 of 13

    My kids haven't really shown much interest in learning how to ride a bike. For Speed's birthday we got him one of those scooter things and I am looking forward to teaching the girls how to ride a bike while Speed scoots along side us. 

  • Go Camping 10 of 13

    I don't know if we're going to go like for-real camping, but we hope to at least try sleeping in the tent in the backyard. This summer with the kids being a bit older, I think they will be more open to trying that out. We will see.

  • Plant a Garden 11 of 13

    My kids have been showing so much interest in the earth and growing plants and where fruits and vegetables come from. I am looking forward to being able to show the whole process -- start to finish -- with my kids. 

  • Skip Rope 12 of 13

    It was one of my favorite ways to spend the summer -- skipping rope! I look forward to doing it again with my kids and hopefully we can make it to the super exciting, double dutch stuff. 

  • Go To The Beach 13 of 13

    We went last year for the first time as a family and while Bean was still young (and she unfortunately was sick too), we still had a good time. I know that this year, since we're all older and hopefully will all be feeling well -- it's going to be an even better time!

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