11 Confessions Of An Underachieving Parent

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The overachieving parent really shines this time of year and it once again becomes apparent just how much of an underachieving parent I have become. Or are we all fake braggy about what we do with our kids?

Pinterest brings it crushing home with eternal collections of whimsical fonts and soft focus close ups of delicious recipes and intricate crafts.

I get that a lot of what we read and write online is aspirational (especially Pinterest) and there’s no way that the majority of people are going to make mason jar snowglobes, but still .. I wonder – do a lot of people really do that?

Because I see that stuff and wonder: when do you have the time? Really, like when do you have the time? And the money? And the time?

Sure, I put up a post last week showing off 30 Star Wars Snowflake Templates you can cut up with your kids, but you know how many I did?

Two. And they were terrible.

So, I’m going to be honest and admit that I am an underachieving parent compared to the rest of the competitive blood sport participants in the Mommy Blogging world.

How? Let me count the ways:

  • DIY Christmas Calendars 1 of 11
    DIY Christmas Calendars
    I get it's cute to make your own stuff, but it becomes a cost vs time equation for us. I bought a Lego advent calendar for $10 and the boys have lost their minds over it. This one is cute and elegant, and gorgeous, and ... ugh, I'm tired just describing it.

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  • Meme’d Elves 2 of 11
    Meme'd Elves
    We haven't taken our Elf on the Shelf, George, and put him in all sorts of meme-worthy positions to laugh with our friends on the Internet. I consider it an accomplishment that I actually got him sitting. On a shelf.  (Aside, why is he so flimsy? The idea of this character is great, but could they not have built it more like Barbie so it's posable, and has more weight to actually sit when placed?)

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  • Themed Baking 3 of 11
    Themed Baking
    It's the baking pictures that really get me going. This list of 24 treats for Christmas is over the top. Do you really make penguin treats? Mine would end up on Pinterest Fail in a heartbeat, so I don't bother.

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  • Not In A Cookie Exchange 4 of 11
    Not In A Cookie Exchange
    We may or may not make some cookies in the next 2 weeks. I do love to cook with my boys, but I have some blank gingerbread men for them to decorate.

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  • Perfectly Matched Decor 5 of 11
    Perfectly Matched Decor
    Oh, we watch all the HGTV shows on the weekend and we love the ideas they share, but I guess we're too busy living life and paying bills to make any of the magic happen. My living room does not look like yours.

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  • No Fancy Family Dinners 6 of 11
    No Fancy Family Dinners
    I make dinner each night and it usually involves something on a barbecue, a salad and some veg. I've recently discovered our old crock pot and I've been doing slow cooking but nothing I would take a picture of for my blog or Facebook.

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  • My Kids Can’t Skate 7 of 11
    My Kids Can't Skate
    I live in Canada and my boys don't know how to skate. I feel like I've failed as a northern parent. I have friends with 4 year olds who go to summer skill camps, and others with 5 year olds who travel 4 and 5 hours for tournaments. My kids, however, can't even skate. Sure they swim, and get active, but I feel pressure to be a hockey mad parent. My boys don't ask and beg to get into it, and I don't know how much I want to be sucked in to the competitive sport parent world.

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  • My 3 Year Old Isn’t Toilet Trained 8 of 11
    My 3 Year Old Isn't Toilet Trained
    It was easy the first time around, but this young'un has a mind of his own. Oh, I know you've trained your cat to use the toilet, but I'm still working on this one over here.

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  • We’re Both Working 9 of 11
    We're Both Working
    My wife and I both work full time jobs. This blogging thing is a hobby for me that eats up the evening and spare hours. These uber parents making their own paper for Christmas cards don't work, do they?

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  • Bending The Rules 10 of 11
    Bending The Rules
    I've written before about how I struggle with trying to get my kids to eat anything beyond cucumber, rice, noodles, and veggie dogs. I've read countless articles on how to get it done properly, but the goal lines constantly move. 2 days we lay down the law, then we fade and it's noodles again. So please, I'd love to see more pictures on Facebook of your 4 yr old digging in to a couscous and lamb tagine.

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  • Exception To The Rule 11 of 11
    Exception To The Rule
    All the ornaments on our tree match. Well, at least they did until this year. We have blue, silver, bronze and white ornaments sparkling on the tree and then my wife decided to add some red/green felt initials this year. It's driving me nuts that they don't match.

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What about you? How’s your under/over achieving Christmas going?!

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