12 Ecards That Accurately Describe What It’s Like to Parent

12 Ecards that Accurately Describe What Parenting is LikeHave you ever had one of those days where your house is in total chaos and you’re sitting there watching all the action happen? You think to yourself, “what have I gotten myself into” as you watch your kids fight over the same toy and trip over the building block and books all over the floor.

I like the noise and the chaos and the ever-moving action that happens here day-to-day. It is a beautiful sound to my ears watching my kids interact with each other — it’s what I worked so hard to build so even when they’re fighting I can stop and smile at it.

There are times though — quite a lot — where the chaos gets to a point where I need a break from it. Where the noise has reached an epic level of loud that I wonder what I got myself into. Parenting is awesome, but it’s hard and loud and sometimes we get overwhelmed.

I love to be honest in what parenthood is like — the good, bad, ugly and strange. There is no better compilation over what parenting is really like than the user-generated e-cards from Check out my favorite that I believe really do describe the truth of parenting people may not really say.

  • What It’s Like to Potty Train 1 of 12
    What It's Like to Potty Train
    The big things we plan never seem to be as easy as they should be.
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  • What It’s Like All Day 2 of 12
    What It's Like All Day
    My kids get time alone when they need some space. there are days I really wish I could be sent to timeout too.
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  • What Our Social Life is Like 3 of 12
    What Our Social Life is Like
    Kids are super intuitive to what we're doing and are a lot smarter than some give them credit for.
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  • Going in Public With Kids 4 of 12
    Going in Public With Kids
    Have you had a shopping day like this and you swear everyone is staring at you?
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  • Honest Conversations 5 of 12
    Honest Conversations
    Oh, but then the kids go crazy and you can't hear the person on the phone anyway.
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  • Never a Second Alone 6 of 12
    Never a Second Alone
    I don't get why kids do this, but I haven't been able to go to the washroom alone in years.
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  • What’s ‘Me Time’? 7 of 12
    What's 'Me Time'?
    Kids always seem to know the exact time when we are settling to relax. They have a sixth sense for these things.
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  • Why It’s Never Quiet 8 of 12
    Why It's Never Quiet
    What ... is... silence? It's not enjoyable if there are kids because it really always ends badly with something destoryed.
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  • What It’s Like to Clean 9 of 12
    What It's Like to Clean
    There are times where I can be super cleaning, only to turn around and see the kids destroyed what I just finished. It's easier to wait until they're in bed.
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  • It’s Not Like We Thought 10 of 12
    It's Not Like We Thought
    Kids test our patience and we let go of all the things we swore we would do or not do before we had kids.
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  • Where Our Patience Went 11 of 12
    Where Our Patience Went
    You can always tell the parents in the store who really just want to (or need to) lose it and yet they hold it in so they don't get looked at.
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  • Everyday Surprises 12 of 12
    Everyday Surprises
    You never know what's around the corner when you have a kid. Everyday is a new surprise.
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