12 Funky and Fun Birthday Cakes

Addie’s birthday is on December 14th, which in theory doesn’t sound like Christmas at all. In reality December 14th is eleven days before Christmas. From Addie’s very first birthday I have made every effort to keep her birthday and Christmas completely separate. Before December 15th our Christmas tree is a “birthday tree” and houses only presents wrapped in non-holiday paper.

I have made her a cake every year and it is generally the centerpiece of the entire day. I had one very fancy birthday cake when I was little and I remember it very well. I have a treasured picture of me behind my teddy bear cake with a giant toothless grin on my 7th birthday. I keep a lot of things simple but birthday cakes? Not so much. I have made three princess cakes (complete with fondant skirts and Barbies sticking out of them) and this year is no different.

Her tastes are becoming ever more eclectic but she still loves everything I bake so this year I’ve been trying to find a cake that she will love to take a picture with and love to look at 22 years from now and remember (hopefully) how fun birthdays were when she was little.

After the jump are a few of the nominees…


  • Chocolate Cake in a Mug 1 of 12
    Chocolate Cake in a Mug
    Measuring the ingredients for this cake would take more time than actually cooking it. You know, in case you *forgot* someone's birthday and needed to come up with something in a major pinch.
    Image Credit/How To: Stay at Home Mum
  • Pile of Oreos Cake 2 of 12
    Pile of Oreos Cake
    We love Oreos in this house. Pour some milk in a fancy glass and you've got yourself a party with this "cake."
    Image Credit: Martha Stewart
  • Donut Hole Tower Cake 3 of 12
    Donut Hole Tower Cake
    Donut holes are little bites of happy. Turn them into a tower and you have a tower of happy.
    Image Credit/How To: Wedding Things Blog
  • Zebra Cake 4 of 12
    Zebra Cake
    Guess what? I made this one from two cake mixes and IT WAS EASY!
    Image Credit/How To: BFY Blog
  • Ice Cream and Cookie Cake 5 of 12
    Ice Cream and Cookie Cake
    You could use homemade cookies or storebought, arrange, freeze, fill with more scoops. Tasty.
    Image Credit/How To: Jeanne Winters
  • Ice Cream Cone Cakes 6 of 12
    Ice Cream Cone Cakes
    Bake the cake *in* the cone. Top with frosting and sprinkles. For kids who love ice cream but have winter birthdays.
    Image Credit: Betty Crocker
  • Rainbow Cupcakes 7 of 12
    Rainbow Cupcakes
    Just a little extra dollop of frosting and some rope candy. Super easy, super cute!
    Image Credit: Monica Joy
  • Kit Kat Cake 8 of 12
    Kit Kat Cake
    You could hide any cake in here. Even ice cream cake. Would travel really well!
    Image Credit/How To: Made in Mel's Kitchen
  • Sprinkles Cake 9 of 12
    Sprinkles Cake
    So you don't have to be *as* fancy with the cake, but smothering any cake in sprinkles is sure to bring smiles.
    Image Credit/How To: Raspberri Cupcakes
  • Tall Candy Coated Cake 10 of 12
    Tall Candy Coated Cake
    Again, you don't have to make your cake this tall (or maybe you do!) But decorating the outside with colored candies makes following a theme easy.
    Image Credit/How To: Sprinkle Bakes
  • Tiny Cupcake Cupcakes 11 of 12
    Tiny Cupcake Cupcakes
    Reese's Peanut Butter Cup "Cupcakes" on top of full sized cupcakes. I want to eat them all.
    Image Credit/How To: My Cake School
  • Ice Cream Cookie Cake Pie 12 of 12
    Ice Cream Cookie Cake Pie
    It's a pie crust with a cookie baked into it topped with ice cream and then covered in cake and topped with frosting.
    Yes please.
    Image Credit/How To: Sugar Derby

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