12 Manners All Kids Should Know and Parent Should Be Encouraging

I will be one of the first to admit, I have a fair collection of little things that are big peeves of mine. I have an issue with space bubbles and noise and people just generally not respecting that other people live in the same space. I am not just talking about here in my house — but in the general public.

Yes, I do wonder sometimes where the manners and common sense have gone off to. I believe there are some key manners and ways of acting that should always be respected — whether that be a from an adult or a child (age appropriate of course). There are some manners and courtesies that can be easily learned from a very early age, but I find myself wondering at times if I am the only one who believes them because I see so many not respecting them.

Click through for 12 manners I wish all kids knew and parents would enforce:

  • Please and Thank You 1 of 12
    Please and Thank You
    A simple concept that can be mastered very early. Say please when you want something or are answering and say thank you when you receive.
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  • Wait Your Turn 2 of 12
    Wait Your Turn
    Kids should learn from the beginning that they must wait their turn to speak. Interrupting a conversation is not polite and kids should respect that. If it's urgent, they should be encouraged to say 'excuse me' before they break in.
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  • Chew With Mouth Shut 3 of 12
    Chew With Mouth Shut
    Biggest peeve of mine ever! I see adults do this all the time and nothing will ruin my appetite quicker. It's not a hard thing to 'master'.
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  • Don’t Talk With Food in Mouth 4 of 12
    Don't Talk With Food in Mouth
    Goes along with the previous manner, speaking with food in your mouth is just gross.
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  • Knock First 5 of 12
    Knock First
    Teaching the kids to knock before they enter a room with a closed door will save them embarrassment (and you) later on... trust me.
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  • Indoor Voice 6 of 12
    Indoor Voice
    This one takes a bit of practice for the younger kids, but for sure by the age of 4 kids usually should have a grasp on this one. Kids should be encouraged to use it while out in grocery stores and restaurants.
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  • Don’t Make Fun 7 of 12
    Don't Make Fun
    Kids should be taught not to laugh at someone else's expense or to bully or make fun of other people. It's mean and never looks good.
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  • Respect 8 of 12
    All kids get bored, whether they are out at an event they don't want to be at or sitting through a school assembly. Teaching them to respect where they are and not whine about being bored is important.
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  • Cover Your Mouth 9 of 12
    Cover Your Mouth
    Another manner that should be well known is to cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. Using the crook of the elbow in place of the hand is also important.
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  • Say Sorry 10 of 12
    Say Sorry
    Kids should know that if they bump into someone accidently (we all know that happens) to say 'sorry' or 'excuse me'.
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  • Respect Space 11 of 12
    Respect Space
    I hate when people get in my space bubble. HATE IT and even with kids. When out in public, teaching your kids to respect other's space and not crowd them is a manner I wish more people (kids and adults) respected.
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  • Say Excuse Me 12 of 12
    Say Excuse Me
    Oh the fun of the human body - flatulence... it happens. Kids should know pretty early how to say 'excuse me' if they let off some wind.
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{Please note: these manners listed and the snark I’ve applied to how kids should know them by a certain age are referring only to ‘neuro-typical’ children}

:: What is the most important manner you want your kids to know? ::

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