A New Take on An Old Classic: 12 New Books Inspired by Goodnight Moon

One of the first books I bought when my kids were old enough to be interested in reading before bed (or anytime during the day) was Goodnight Moon. I had this book when I was little and I consider it one of those ‘classic books’ every household should have. The simple rhymes and engaging illustrations, this book quickly became a hit with my kids.  The repetition helped them ‘read along’ and it’s a great read before bedtime.

Of course, when one book (or toy) becomes popular, redesigns and parodies will pop up all over the place.  I found some hilarious variations of the classic book – some new for kids and some strictly for the parents.

Click through to see 12 books inspired by the classic book Goodnight Moon:

  • Goodnight iPad 1 of 12
    Goodnight iPad
    Probably closer to what life is like now - our bedrooms are not illuminated with only the moon, but our smart phones, iPads and laptops. This book is a play on the classic one and on our plugged-in lives
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  • Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site 2 of 12
    Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site
    Unlike the classic book - this one is set at a construction site. Say goodnight to the crane, bulldozer and cement mixer - this would be a huge hit for my son who loves all things machine.
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  • Go the F-to Sleep 3 of 12
    Go the F-to Sleep
    A parody not for the kids but for the parents - this book highlights what we parents think at least once or twice at bedtime.
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  • The Goodnight Train 4 of 12
    The Goodnight Train
    Cute and simple rhymes this book had a slightly different tone then Goodnight Moon but encourages the kids to grab all they need before bedtime rolls around.
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  • My World 5 of 12
    My World
    The 'companion book' to Goodnight Moon, this takes you back to the room to take a closer look at what's going on.
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  • Goodnight Goon 6 of 12
    Goodnight Goon
    A monsterized parody has the reader saying goodnight to tombs, goons and black lagoons. A cute twist on the classic book (my kids might be too scared of it though - they're like that).
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  • F*ck You Sun 7 of 12
    F*ck You Sun
    Another book only for the adults this highlights the feelings many of us have. We don't mind bedtime but do hate getting up.
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    (book cover image edited to censor swear word)
  • Good Night Gorilla 8 of 12
    Good Night Gorilla
    A fun adventure has you following a gorilla and his zookeeper as he tries to stay up later.
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  • Goodnight Keith Moon 9 of 12
    Goodnight Keith Moon
    A play on the book with a rock and roll twist. Complete with drum sticks and rock stars!
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  • Goodnight Forest Moon 10 of 12
    Goodnight Forest Moon
    For the Starwars fan this hilarious parody has you saying goodnight to Ewocks while getting 'shushed' by Sith.
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  • Goodnight Dune 11 of 12
    Goodnight Dune
    Did you love the movie Dune? This book then is perfect for you to add to your shelf. Another play on the classic which keeps the same look and feel.
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  • Boom Baby Moon 12 of 12
    Boom Baby Moon
    The take on this book again keeps the same feel and tone of the original but instead of speaking to children, it's geared to the baby boomers. Poking fun at the modernized products we raise our children with today.
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