12 Reasons I Refuse to Go Back-to-School Shopping

Go ahead, add one more tick mark to the bad mom column – I refuse to take my kids back-to-school shopping.

Of course, I would have died a slow, OMG-worthy death if my mother would have made the same decision with me. Back-to-school shopping was the only thing that made going back to school worth living for. New Guess jeans paired with L.A. Gears and a few new tops from Contempo Casuals? Yes, please!

But unlike my youthful passion for fashion, my boys don’t care what they wear. Considering the fact that they’re dreading their return to academia with the fiery passion that burns like a thousand suns, no amount of fresh denim is going to make a bit of difference. So for this reason and so many others, I refuse to go back-to-school shopping.


  • Not gonna do it 1 of 13

    Listen, there are plenty of good reasons you probably should take your kids back-to-school shopping, but as for me and my sons, we're sitting this one out; here's why:


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  • They don’t care 2 of 13

    No one loves seeing their boys looking like sharp dressed men more than I do. If either kid cared one iota about the threads on their back or kicks on their feet, we'd shop the $%#@ out of back-to-school...but they don't. As long as they have enough decent clothes to make it through the school week, who am I to force the issue? I'd rather fight battles involving academics, good manners, and healthy habits.

  • Too much hype 3 of 13

    There's just waaaay too much hype surrounding back-to-school shopping. We've been programmed to believe that children need new clothes to be successful in school and that's just what retailers want us to think! Back-to-school is big business; last year $8.5 billion dollars was spent in preparation of the 2012-2013 school year according to the U.S. Census Bureau.


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  • Buy as they need 4 of 13

    Sure, my kids need new clothes from time to time, but they sure don't need an entire wardrobe all at once. Once threading breaks down and holes are earned, it's time to ditch the tattered clothing and replace them with new. We shop for clothes as the need arises and not a moment sooner.


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  • It’s not a fashion show 5 of 13

    School is a place of learning. The day my kids needs new jeans/shirts/sweaters/jackets/socks/undies/shoes to learn long division, they'll have 'em. Until then, let's just focus on getting them into the clothes they have and out the door in time for school.


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  • It’s expensive 6 of 13

    According to the National Retail Federation's annual Back-to-School survey, families spend an average of $634.78 on clothing, shoes, supplies and electronics in preparation for the school year. What?! That's a lot of bones, people! And not at all surprising. If you've received your child's upcoming grade supply list, you know that your child is responsible for nearly all of the consumable tools required for basic learning, which adds up to a lot! It's a good thing my kids don't want or need clothes; I'm broke from the supply list anyway.


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  • New clothes aren’t comfortable 7 of 13

    According to my 5-year-old, "New clothes don't feel good." Personally, I never noticed this to be the case, but maybe I was too busy looking good to notice. While it's true that new duds can never feel as good as clothes that have had no choice but to conform to the shape of your body on account of constant wear, they'll unfortunately begin to look like clothes that have had no choice but to conform to the shape of your body on account of constant wear.


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  • It’s not about me 8 of 13

    I worry about the way my kids' behavior reflects on me far more than the way their clothing does. With the singular exception of picture day, my kids wear familiar and comfortable clothing that allows them to focus their attention on things like handball, how to sleep in class with their eyes open, and hopefully, academics.


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  • No one cares 9 of 13

    While lots of kids care about what they wear, most don't really care what others are wearing. So unless your kid cares, who cares?


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  • They won’t wear new clothes anyway 10 of 13

    Picture it: I'm at a retailer holding up garment after garment in respective size 6's and 10's asking begging for input, "Is this good? Do you like this? How about this?" Greeted with shoulder shrugs and heavy sighs, I attempt to translate these nonverbal cues into definitive fashion selections that somehow never get worn. Only after the tags are ripped off am I then notified that they "don't like them."


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  • They have clothes 11 of 13

    When all is said and done, it really comes down to whether or not my kids have enough clothes to wear. If the answer is yes, then they really don't need anything special for school.


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  • They hate shopping 12 of 13

    I don't know if all kids hate shopping, but mine do. Is a trip to the picked-over boys department of my local crowded retailer worth it? Am I up for forcing my kids into a dressing room to try on jeans while they snicker at each other in their underwear? No and no.


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  • They’re hard on clothes 13 of 13

    My boys are super hard on their clothes, so what do I care if they look amazing the first week of school? In two weeks' time, even the new clothes will look as worn as everything else in their wardrobe.


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Will you be going back-to-school shopping?

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