12 Snow Day Traditions You Should Totally Do With Your Kids This Winter

12 Snow Day Traditions You Should Totally Do With Your Kids This WinterI’ll be honest, I don’t care for snow. I don’t like winter or being cold or getting wet and having to layer into piles of clothes just to go outside.

I live in Canada though, so winter is a part of our lives for a few months, and with that comes the snow, the cold, the wetness, and the layers.

I remember when I was a kid I had fun in the winter. I didn’t mind the cold, I just wanted to get out there and play. Now that I am an adult, that seems to have faded a lot and I am so not happy with winter.

I don’t want to kill the happy in my kids though, so for their sake, this year I am going to embrace the wintertime. There is so much fun that can be had with the snow and the activities that really only work with the cold. There are some things I am putting on my winter-bucket-list this year and I think you should play along, too.

Click through to read 12 snow day traditions you should totally do with your kids this winter:

  • Color the Snow 1 of 12
    Color the Snow
    Take some food coloring and put a few drops into a water squirt bottle. Have your kids paint the snow outside.
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  • Pj’s and Movie 2 of 12
    Pj's and Movie
    If it's too cold to go play outside (or if you've played outside enough), make all snow days pj and movie day. Stay in your pjs all day and chose a movie theme.
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  • Build a Snow Fort 3 of 12
    Build a Snow Fort
    Build it up brick by brick and make a little village of houses, stores and fun!
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  • S’mores After the Cold 4 of 12
    S'mores After the Cold
    Usually reserved for the summer camping months, but how great would they be after a play in the cold?
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  • Sled Race 5 of 12
    Sled Race
    Make it a mini-competition. Set up games and have your own Olympic sled games.
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  • Board Games & Popcorn 6 of 12
    Board Games & Popcorn
    After you've played outside for the day, come in and play board games together and eat popcorn.
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  • Snowball Fight 7 of 12
    Snowball Fight
    Winter is not complete without a family-fun snowball fight. Pick teams and keep score.
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  • Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows 8 of 12
    Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows
    Hot chocolate is a must after you play in the snow. We're going to try a lot of different types.
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  • Build a Snowman 9 of 12
    Build a Snowman
    Make a whole family of snowmen. Each build your own and maybe step outside the box and make your pets, too.
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  • Snow Angel Families 10 of 12
    Snow Angel Families
    Snow angels is one fun winter activity. You can make a whole family of angels and then try to guess which one is which.
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  • Make Snow Castles 11 of 12
    Make Snow Castles
    Who says you need the beach and sand to make castles? Break out those sand castle toys and make them with snow.
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  • Go Skating 12 of 12
    Go Skating
    The whole family should get out and learn how to skate. It's fun and amazing exercise.
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