12 Things I Won’t Do, Even For My Kids

12 Things I Won't Do, Even For My Kids

The decision to become a parent was an easy one for me. I always knew — since I was 5-years old — that I would one day want to become a mom. It’s the ultimate in experiences to help shape and raise a person in the world and it’s rewarding and hard work.

There are a lot of sacrifices that come along with being a parent as well. You don’t get to sleep as much as you may like. You don’t only have yourself to think of when it comes to making big decisions and sometimes that means making choices you may not want to or having to do something that you never thought you would do.

Then, there are times where you realize that with this gig you still have some say. I don’t love all aspects of parenting, but most of it I pull through like many other parents for the sake of the greater good of our kids. I would like to say I would do anything for my kids, but I’m realizing that may not be true. There are times where I have to put my foot down and realize that even I have some things I won’t do — even for my kids.

Click through to read 12 things I don’t ever see myself doing, even for my kids:

  • Fingerpaint 1 of 12
    there is something about the wet paint and my fingers that just make me squirm. Add to that the mess that is bound to happen with the kids participating, I am not interested. Crafts in general are not my thing, but this one in particular is a big no-no.
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  • Not Kill a Spider in My House 2 of 12
    Not Kill a Spider in My House
    My husband is they type of person who, if a spider is found in the house, he will gently pick it up and put it outside. My kids have started to think that same (crazy) way, but not me. Even if they ask, I won't be saving that spider in my home.
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  • Bake a Birthday Cake 3 of 12
    Bake a Birthday Cake
    Well, not entirely true -- I will bake a cake but it has to be quite specific. I will never bake a gluten cake for Speed who can have gluten. If he wants one from me it will need to be gluten and dairy free.
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  • Make Halloween Costumes 4 of 12
    Make Halloween Costumes
    No. Just no. I am so not crafty and if it goes beyond pulling clothes out of the closet and maybe a bit of make-up, there is no way this mom will be making her kids Halloween costume.
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  • Be a Classroom Mom 5 of 12
    Be a Classroom Mom
    I just do not have the patience for it! As much as I would love to get involved my my kids' classes and they have asked that I come, I just know I will not be able to deal with that many other people's kids.
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  • Jump From Any Height 6 of 12
    Jump From Any Height
    I have terrible balance, a vertigo thing and am terrified of any heights. I don't care if my kids say this is the only thing in the world they want, I just can't do it.
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  • Ride a Rollercoaster 7 of 12
    Ride a Rollercoaster
    Height, speed, off the ground and not in control sounds like the perfect storm for a Devan freakout. That's exactly what this would end up being if I got on a rollercoaster, so it's out of the question.
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  • Go Out In a Two-Piece Bathing Suit 8 of 12
    Go Out In a Two-Piece Bathing Suit
    Those days are over my friends. I will be happy to go swimming with my kids in a one-piece or a tankini if I am feeling brave, but tummy-baring is no longer. That's of course unless I get that tummy tuck I've been wanting.
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  • Become a Dog Person 9 of 12
    Become a Dog Person
    I am #TEAMCAT all the way and have been my whole life. I can't say I won't ever get a dog, but right now my kids are asking for one and all I can think is how much I would rather have cats around.
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  • Purchase Certain Toys 10 of 12
    Purchase Certain Toys
    There are many toys that my kids just kind of beg for. Some of them I love and am happy to stock up on when the time comes, but others (like toy weapons and dolls that dress way too provocatively) will never make their way into our house... even if my kids offer to pay for them.
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  • Give Up Trying to Reach *My* Goals 11 of 12
    Give Up Trying to Reach *My* Goals
    Even typing that sounds selfish and you may think the same thing reading it, but I think me reaching for my goals is a good thing for my kids to see. I am learning to put myself on the priority list and while my family will always come first, I am part of that family and so is my happiness. I won't ever stop reaching for the stars because of my kids.
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  • Make Bento Lunch Boxes 12 of 12
    Make Bento Lunch Boxes
    You know, I just don't have the patience or interest in making food any more interesting for my kids. I won't be that mom that turns hotdogs and ketchup into a work of art and I am okay with that & my kids can't convince me otherwise.
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