12 Things Your Tween Wants You to Know

Image courtesy of Lori Garcia
Image courtesy of Lori Garcia

Hey everybody, it’s me, Boy Wonder. You might remember me telling you why tweens need cell phones and why being a big brother is unfair a lot of the time, but I think there’s more that parents should know.

Even though some kids’ opinions are different than mine, we pretty much all want the same things, so here’s a list of 12 things kids my age want their parents to know:

1. We still want our parents to try to talk to us even when we don’t feel like talking.

Every day when my mom picks me up from school she asks me how my day was. I’m tired and I don’t usually feel like talking so I always just say “fine” — even if it wasn’t. I’ll talk to her later when I feel like it, but I still want her to ask me because it shows that she cares.

2. We still like getting gifts from “Santa” and the “Easter Bunny” even though we know they’re from you.

I haven’t believed in the Easter Bunny or Santa since I was little, but it’s cool that my parents still leave me gifts from them. It reminds me of being a kid and I like that. Everybody likes getting surprises so it doesn’t really matter who they’re from.

3. We want to be trusted.

We know we have to be responsible to be trusted, but trusting someone with something important — like a dog — makes us want to be responsible. We feel good when we’re trusted because it means you think that we can handle it. Trust us with big things and we’ll probably do a good job.

4. Sometimes we do dumb stuff for no reason.

I don’t know what else to say about this, except I do stupid stuff sometimes and I have no idea why. Sometimes I’m just bored, or mad, or just not thinking. My friends do it, too. Sorry.

5. We like to be hugged even though we pretend not to.

Every kid would like a hug from their parents, but not around other people.

6. It’s OK if you want to say goodnight.

I’ll never ask to be tucked in like my little brother does, but when my mom or dad comes in after I’ve gone to bed to say a prayer or talk, it makes me feel good.

7. You can tell us what’s going on.

Adults try to keep stuff from us because they don’t want us to worry, but we know when something’s going on. It’s worse when they pretend everything is fine — that makes us worry more. Talk to us about important things because we want to know.

8. We’re trying.

People expect a lot from us because we’re not little kids, but we’re not fully mature so it’s hard. It doesn’t always seem like we’re trying, but we are. I mean, most of us are I think. I am and my friends are.

9.  We like to know how to do cool stuff.

My dad taught me how to change my bike chain and my mom showed me how to make my favorite dinner. I still can’t do that stuff by myself, but I know a little bit about it and that’s cool. Teach us stuff like cool card games, how to build stuff, and how to fix things. It’s fun and interesting.

10. It’s unfair that we’re always in trouble.

We get in trouble for dumb stuff. My friend got grounded for a week for not walking his dog. I got yelled at today for grabbing a controller from my brother when it was my turn. I get stuff taken away and get talked to for not dumping the trash or forgetting to put my laundry away. None of that stuff is that important; just remind us.

11. School is hard.

First of all, school’s long, then there’s homework on top of all that. When we get home, we’re really tired so we need a long break. I don’t want to talk to anybody or read anything, I just want to eat and watch TV.

12. We like you.

This one is embarrassing. I made my mom delete it like three times, but she made me leave it because it’s true. We love our parents even if we don’t say it or we act mean sometimes. You guys are cool and we like hanging out with you.

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