12 Adorable Times Our Kids Got It Totally Wrong

Even royal babies have adorable misunderstandings.

Recently, Princess Kate shared a cute anecdote about her almost-2-year-old. When Prince George heard that Prince William was visiting China, he ran over to the China cupboard to find him and said, “Daddy is not here.”

Kids say the darndest things.

When my daughter was 2 she had a similar misunderstanding. When she heard me saying that something was “made in China,” she was shocked and said, “Made in ‘gina?! That was made in a [va]gina?!”

China, ‘gina, what’s the difference when you’re 2-years-old? These hysterical misunderstandings are part of the fun of parenting. I turned to my mom friends to see if they had any of their own funny kid stories, and they did not disappoint.

Here are 10 more times our kids got it totally wrong:

1.  Mismatched shoes


2. Anything to share?

When my friend’s husband was little, he was coming back from a foreign country and airport security asked if he had anything to declare. His response? Yelling, “Yes! I’m tired!”

3.  Self-medicating

When my friend’s daughter was little, she complained that her head hurt. So her mom poured her some children’s Tylenol, handed it to her, and said, “Take this. It will make your head feel better.” Her daughter took it and poured it over her head.

4. Genes vs. Jeans


5. Prepared to set sail

When my friend’s nephew was young, his mom was talking to him about how she was going to take him with her to vote. When they got there, he was so disappointed, asking, “Where are the boats?”

6. So fresh, so clean

When my friend’s little brother was in fourth grade, the school teacher instituted mandatory deodorant usage. They noticed he had it all over his forehead and upper lip. When they asked him why, he told them his teacher said to put it where you don’t want to sweat.

7.  Time of the month

My friend worked with a woman who got called in to her son’s school one day. She went to the school and saw that each boy in her son’s class had an unwrapped tampon tied to his belt loop. Her son had taken a box of her tampons to school and was selling them to his buddies as lucky rabbits’ feet.

8. Headed down the wrong path


9. A very big misunderstanding

My friend worked with someone who babysat a little boy who continually repeated the phrase, “It’s suck me time.” It made a lot more sense when she found out he was obsessed with Mary Poppins and loved Bert’s dance with the chimney sweeps —”Step in Time.”

10. Supermarket embarrassment

At the grocery store the cashier asked my friend if she found everything she needed today. Her son raised his hand and said, “Actually, mom, you said you ‘needed’ to go to the bathroom … so.”

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