12 Tips for Getting Your Kids Out the Door On Time For School

12 Tips for Getting Your Kids Out the Door On Time For SchoolI thought my life was hectic a few years ago, but the chaos seems to have exploded since my kids started school.

This year in particular has taken a lot of getting used to. Since Speed is now going full time and Raru going every other day, the chaos of getting them ready and out the door on time has been intense.

Next year is going to be even more so as both Speed and Raru go everyday plus Bean starts school in September too. That’s three kids I have to get up, dressed, fed and groomed in a limited amount of time so they don’t miss their school bus.

Getting all that done with just one child can be stressful and feel impossible. I know I am going to have to really increase our efficiency when it comes to getting what we need to get done. It’s going to have to be a “well-oiled machine” in a few months and I’m now starting to put some tips into play that make it easier.

Click through for 12 tips that we’ve been doing that help get our kids out the door in the mornings and on time for school:

  • Bathe the Night Before 1 of 12
    Bathe the Night Before
    When it's bath time for the kids, we have it just before bed. My kids don't bathe every day (I think it's bad for their skin especially in the winter), and we have a set schedule for who gets their shower on which day.
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  • Make School Lunch the Night Before 2 of 12
    Make School Lunch the Night Before
    One of the biggest time issues in the morning is getting everything done that morning. Make it easier on yourself and make the lunches the night before. We have been doing this for a few months and it makes a huge difference.
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  • Pick Clothes the Night Before 3 of 12
    Pick Clothes the Night Before
    I've had mornings where my kids go to get clothes only to find their pants don't fit anymore or some other issue. Picking the clothes the night before helps avoid any of those "emergencies" in the morning.
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  • Have a Bedtime Routine 4 of 12
    Have a Bedtime Routine
    My kids need enough sleep or they won't get up in the morning. We've recently upped the routine of bedtime so they settle easier and have enough sleep to get up the next morning.
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  • Have an Alarm Clock in Your Kid’s Room 5 of 12
    Have an Alarm Clock in Your Kid's Room
    We put an alarm clock in the kids room so they know when to get up too. Giving them that responsibility is also a precaution in case our alarm doesn't go off.
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  • Wake Up at the Same Time 6 of 12
    Wake Up at the Same Time
    May seem obvious, but that snooze button can be so tempting. If you need a snooze before you get up, adjust your alarm to include that so you're not wishing you had those 15 minutes back.
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  • Work Together 7 of 12
    Work Together
    If you have a partner, working together in the morning can make a big difference. Have the kids help each other out if they need it (like putting on toothpaste) and it will all go smoother.
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  • Keep Breakfast Simple 8 of 12
    Keep Breakfast Simple
    If you want to make an elaborate breakfast, you'll have to make the time for it. Otherwise, keep it simple and something you don't have to convince your kids to eat.
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  • Keep Distractions Down 9 of 12
    Keep Distractions Down
    If we have the TV on in the morning, my kid will do that zombie-watch and not focus on the other tasks they have to get done. Keeping the distractions down helps move the morning easier.
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  • Have a Consistent Routine 10 of 12
    Have a Consistent Routine
    if your kids are like mine, they do best when they know what to expect. We have the same routine for getting things done so there are no surprises and everyone knows what they're supposed to do.
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  • Keep Outdoor Gear Well-Organized 11 of 12
    Keep Outdoor Gear Well-Organized
    The worst is when you're running late and your kid is missing a shoe or one mitten. We've got all the outdoor stuff organized so the kids know where to find their stuff when it's time to put it on.
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  • Give Yourself More Time Than You Need 12 of 12
    Give Yourself More Time Than You Need
    Don't cut things short and always leave a little room in time for those unexpected things that are likely to happen. Adjust time in the winter when it takes longer to get the snow pants, hats and mittens on.
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